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Wednesday, 15 June 2011


The Dame recently reported on the disgraceful and dangerous double parking by parents  as they leave and collect their offsprings.
Councillor Nick Paget-Brown has allowed officers to spend (don't you mean waste?-Ed) hundreds of hours persuading the school to 'police' the streets outside and CEO's to move parents on.
But does the school take him seriously? No, they think him and his stern lectures tiresome-but no more than that.
Sadly Cllr Paget-Brown is someone who gets into a terrific sulk when upbraided.
Since the Dame reported on the issue ALL CEO's have been withdrawn and the chaos intensifies.
Maybe Nick P-B prefers the CEO's to carry on persecuting harmless parking 'overstays':after all they generate ring fenced revenues for the ego driven 'follies' he so loves; 'follies' such as the £26 million waste of taxpayer's money that is the repaved Exhibition Rd.
Residents are wondering whether the Dames's intervention has caused Cllr Nick to take such umbrage that he has decided to withdraw all intervention. But the Dame refuses to believe in that possibility: he cannot be that puerile.
The situation outside Hill House School is now so dangerous that the day cannot be far off when there will be a report of a tragic accident involving children.
Come on Cllr Paget-Brown: you are supposed to be Deputy Leader. How about trying to lead for once?
At £52, 000 a year we taxpayers pay you enough.....


  1. What an extraordinary school is Hill House. Why doesn't Richard Townend can get his plump son, William out there moving on parents. Might give him something useful to do!!

  2. This is a lost cause so long as Pooter remains Leader (cf Ruler) of K&C.

    VIPs send their sprogs to Hill House and it is well established and well known that Pooter will not get involved with anything that could possibly upset "important" people who he longs to rub shoulders with.

    Having received one telephone call from "do you know who I am?", Cllr Cockell gave orders to the CEOs that they should not hassle the parents in 4x4s outside the school

    Tough for residents, the lowest form of life as far as Pooter is concerned

  3. God Pooter is just so boring and suburban.
    He loves to put himself up as an old style Tory. What a joke that is. He will tell us nothing about his background as though coming from Jo'burg and being German was an issue for any of us. He so reminds me of Captain Mainwaring and his obsequiousness to his 'betters'


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