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Thursday, 9 June 2011


The same friend of the Dame who had a chat with the delicious young Mosley canvasser spied Cllr 'Polo Boy' Marshall ensconced in the voting hut in Hans Place for quite a while. If Polo Boy had attended one of Clouseau's skills workshops he would have known that there are strict rules about this sort of thing. Anyway, the Dame is going to consider the photograph Mr J.S. sent to determine whether a formal complaint to the Returning Officer needs be made.
What did amuse her was the claim made in another of young Mosley's leaflets. He says his is a "record of action". One assumes he means in the various nightclubs such as Booujis and Public where he spends most evenings. Silly boy...hyperbole was something his grandfather, the old Nazi, was so fond of: we expect more from Louis.... here it is in all it's fatuity.


  1. Congratulations on getting elected with 78% of the vote - no wonder Mr Downes did not stand

  2. Don't be so could have put up a collaborationist Nazi loving lunatic baronet up in Brompton and as long as it had a blue rosette it would have won...
    As the voter's choice was between Labour and Lib Dem the outcome was inevitable. Brompton Ward is the safest Tory seat in the country.
    Don't display your ignorance for the world to see

  3. Stephen Kingsley10 June 2011 at 06:33

    Why so coy about making a complaint about Cllr Marshall in the polling station? Following my similar encounter at Brompton Oratory (see my comment on your later posting) I sent a complaint to the Returning Officer. The fact that at least two of the four polling stations were so comprised raises serious issues of impropriety.

  4. Stephen Kingsley10 June 2011 at 06:36

    By the way, could you please go into settings on your Blogger account and set your time zone to London as all your comments are listed as being posted eight hours earlier than they actually are!

  5. I have met Downes twice. As he never had the intention of standing in Brompton the question is academic. But had he stood voters would have taken the following into account.
    Residents First not only forced the Council to scrap the shared space scheme around Harrods but killed off the idea of another Harrods cafe. This was accepted by Mosley when he sent out a leaflet folded so that the first thing you saw was Residents First: I know I got one!
    But the other thing is this. Had Downes stood voters would have had a choice between a man who forced out the disgraceful Barry Phelps, exposed Cllr Cockell's expenses and in a very short space of time built up RF into a highly effective lobbying machine against the undemocratic council.
    Voters would have also been forced to choose between a man who, at 21, won a Labour seat on a County Council and then went on to start a number of companies, including the Public Relations giant, Financial Dynamics. I fear that at his young age Mr Mosley has a while to wait before he can truly call his record one of action.
    Walton Street voter


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