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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Canvassing-Mosley Style

One of the Dame's whist drive partners called to regale her with a frightfully droll story.
Evidently she was disturbed by one of Louis's young and attractive 'research assistants' keen to know whether she would be voting for Louis. They had a rather short chat in which the attractive and Roedean educated young lady canvasser was told of the anger felt about Sir Cockle and friends' vast allowances and 5 star lifestyle 'on the tax'
The 'bright young thing'
clearly has a huge future as a Cameron Cutie-judging by her quick and mentally agile response. She came out with this gem... 'but why not: this is a very rich Borough'. The Dame supposes so- if you are Sir Cockle!

1 comment:

  1. This story - if true - is infinitely depressing. So he gets some lady friends from his night haunt Public to engage in flirty canvassing ... and they CONFIRM it's all a big lig - surely a new low?

    I have a new election slogan: Scipio is History!



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