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Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Dame Hornet can quite understand that Dear Leader Cockle might have a problem understanding the logistics of travelling to Heathrow by train. We all know Dear Leader's favourite mode of transportation to Heathrow-when travelling First Class to the US-is by way of the brand new sparkling Bentley 50 litre behemoth. This is why we forgive Dear Leader when he stated at the recent Council AGM (in a supposedly  non-political speech) that the Council has supported underwriting the estimated £30m cost of a potential station at Kensal Gasworks 'as it will take passengers direct to Heathrow'. This 'direct to Heathrow' comment was also printed in a comment to the local paper by absentee MP Malcolm Rifkind.
Dear Leader was always a bit loose with the facts, as when denying he ever used the Bentley 'on the side'.
According to the Dame's train-spotter friends, there are two plus two Crossrail routes. One goes all the way from Reading to Shenfield, or a shorter journey from Paddington to Shenfield. The other goes from Heathrow to Abbey Wood (just past Woolwich via Canary Wharf), or a shorter journey from Paddington to Abbey Wood. And back of course.
 The trains that start from Paddington and travel east, (let's call them 'Paddington trains'), turn at Westbourne Park. The Council's wish is that the Paddington trains would go further west to Kensal. At Kensal there would be an island platform, and this Paddington train would enter on one side, travel a bit further and shunt back to the other side. The trains for the two longer routes Maidenhead-Shenfield and Heathrow-Abbey Wood (let's call them the 'Masher' trains) will travel one track outside the Paddington trains.
So, two points of total incomprehension by our leaders. 1, the Paddington trains do not travel to Heathrow; and 2, if we ever wanted to travel from Kensal to Heathrow, we would have to have two additional platforms to be able to reach the Masher tracks. We can't begin to calculate how much this would cost, but surely at least double the current estimate.
 The real story here of course is the mind-boggling incompetence of the elected decision-makers responsible for gambling tens of millions of K&C Council taxpayers' money.'
So once again Dear Leader is so muddled in his understanding that he confuses himself and all around him. Using our money for a scheme of dubious value is unacceptable.


  1. Cockle has been promoting this project heavily through the press trying to get people 'on board' (pun intended). All this, and it won't take people to Heathrow despite them saying it will! If he has gambled £30m of public money on a BIG FAT LIE, what kind of person is he? Should he even be in public office?

    And how much has this press campaign cost Council Taxpayers?

  2. What residents in north of the Rotten Borough want to know is why Sir Merrick is willing to invest 30 million of Council reserves on Crossrail while he is unwilling to commit any of the same reserves to properly funding the North Kensington Academy. Obviously, our Dear Leader believes that speculating in rail stock is more important than our children's education.


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