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Monday, 9 May 2011

Brompton Row rumbles on

It is not usually the policy of the Dame to respond to comments, especially by way of another story but in this special case an exception has been made. A number of comments have come in suggesting Hornet is attacking someone for wishing to stand for council and his chosen sexual preferences or even worse suggesting Hornet is part of a hate campaign.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Hornet resolutely rejects any suggestion she is being homophobic or contributing to a campaign in anyway shape or form.

The Dame stands proud to support diversity, as you can read on these pages has frequently praised the gay members on the council, fully supported Cllr Todd Foreman in his Stonewall campaign (that was rejected by the Tories) and even congratulated Daniel Moylan when he came out as gay in the media despite his links to the Iranian regime that Hornet has criticised; notably on their treatment of homosexuals and women.

The facts of this, and they are facts is that the candidate selected by the Tories was ill advised and harshly treated by the Conservative Party leadership and those running the selection process. The candidate did have an eventful past, it was adult material with consenting adults so there is no question about it legally or otherwise.

Many people, including those currently on the council have eventful pasts, some that can and cant be mentioned.

It is also a fact the fanpage for Margaret Thatcher did contain the picture used on the previous story, it has since been made non-public but the Dame was sent the link and the picture was lifted from the site as stated. Whether or not it was made by the candidate is another matter, but it was most definitely included on the fan page he created.

The question the local Tories need to consider is why was Mr North allowed to progress to the nomination stage and then questions were raised about his background?

Why did he have to withdraw? He has not done anything unlawful, its a shame that in this day and age in 2011 the borough cannot be reflective of its population and have a candidate who if elected would have done the job as well as he could no matter what he did in the past.

Shame on the local Tories for not supporting their first choice candidate; after all, they selected him for Colville in May last year so why now do they feel they can't stand by him in Brompton?


  1. If there were comments attacking you why didn't you publish them instead of only the ones supporting you

  2. Because Mr/Mrs Swatter they, unlike you have asked for their comment not to be published. And there are some comments shown that are critical of the piece.

  3. Come on have to do better than that to swat Dame Hornet.
    If that is the best you can do....
    Long live the Dame: Long live Democracy

  4. Dearest Dame, anyone who has read your blog will know your feelings about sexual orientation, you have been quite forthright.

    Sad to say you are being wound up; don't allow it. Your admirers know the truth.

  5. What a palava!

    The story has nothing to do with sex and saunas (straight, gay or bi)

    Its about the organisation in 1A Manor Street (the Tory HQ in K&C) falling apart in the last stages of a brain dead regime

    Even the numb back bench councillors in Hornton Street must have got the message by now and should make sure that Cockell is opposed for the Leadership vote tomorrow (Tuesday) and sent packing


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