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Sunday, 29 May 2011

North Ken Academy: Is Ron really up for this?

Before the daft planning document (no, its not a typo) for the development of the Kensington Academy was issued, every single person consulted said that the proposed new route between Grenfell Road and Lancaster Road should be for pedestrians and bicycles only - and that should have been an end to the matter. However, when the Supplementary Planning Document was issued for formal consultation, lo and behold, the proposal was to open this link up to vehicles, as well as bicycles and pedestrians!

So everyone who has responded to the draft SPD has duly said – again - that they do NOT wish this route to accommodate vehicular traffic. So the Council will change their mind on this point; then they can say that they have listened to residents and acted on what they have said. And with this one concession graciously granted, they will go on to ignore all the other serious points made during the consultation – and build the Academy on the site required by Cllr. Moylan – right next door to Grenfell Tower, where it will destroy the quiet amenity of every resident in that block!

Will Ron Aldridge really want to have his name associated with a development built on a site that nobody in the local area wants?


  1. During lengthy & elaborate RBKC LDF public 'consultations,' Westbourne Grove was artificially 'connected' to Portobello Rd; against unanimous public objection. This broke the historial & obvious connection between Portobello & Golbourne Markets - & ignored the London Plan. The false connection led to a disastrous development (known locally as 'Travesty Terrace') on the corner of the 2 streets. The building & its implications for the future of the area, raised so much criticism, RBKC now seems to have had second thoughts. Locals hope RBKC accepts its error & formally reinstates the connection between the 2 world famous Markets - before it's too late.

  2. Local stakeholders have recently heard that Ron Aldridge has demanded that the Dear Leader and his Academy cronies at the Council change their cowardly behaviour and finally attend a Public Meeting to answer questions about how residents on Lancaster West Estate have been completely marginalised during the consultation process.Could it be that the Aldridge Foundation are not happy to proceed with their involvement in the Academy until the voice of the local community is either listened to or silenced?

  3. Sadly, the Council has not changed its mind. The approved SPD persists with the ludicrous decision that the re-instated Grenfell Road to Silchester Road (closed off in the 1970s because it was a dangerous rat run) must include vehicles - at least, presumably, until three or more pupils going to the new Academy have been run over.

  4. Residents and parents in North Kensington deserve a properly funded school situated in an appropriate area.
    What the Council are currently offering is an under-funded Academy in a totally unsuitable location.

  5. The local community have been totally ignored by the Council who are bulldozing ahead with their ill thought-out plans to locate an Academy in the heart of a housing estate. Proof that the Council ignored local views is the imposition of this potentially treacherous road.
    When the first death or injury occurs (and it will surely only be a short matter of time before this happens)members of the local community have vowed to march to the Town Hall to confront the Council and charge them with having BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS!!!

  6. Could the local community have an explanation from Councillor Campbell as to why they were misled by her at a recent meeting to discuss the proposed funding of the Kensington Academy?
    Councillor Campbell misled the meeting by stating that the Council could not put any additional capital funding into the North Kensington Academy because it was already funding Middle Row, St. Marys and the new Warwick Road primary school.
    However, what the Councillor did not say is that all three of these projects will be effectively cost-neutral to the Council since they are being funded by Section 106 planning gain money (i.e. the developers of the relevant sites have to pay some money out of their profits for projects for community gain).
    Why was Councillor Campbell allowed to lie to the community regarding this matter and will this project ever receive essential extra funding from the Council?
    If the Council believe that the local community will accept a third rate, substandard Academy (built on the cheap with the scraps from the rich man's table) then they are in for a shock.


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