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Monday, 16 May 2011

These "honorary" Architects are a pain in the honorary...

A face only a mother could love
Daniel Moylan, the ex Rotten Borough“design and conservation champion”, described the Kensington Palace loggia proposal as “almost embarrassingly twee” and “like something which could be found in a Birmingham garden centre”(well, he would know about that)

Certain foolish commentators described it as a snub to His Royal Highness. Whatever his faults the Prince is noted for impeccable taste.Anyway, it's unlikely he would have even heard of some jumped up local councillor.

Most of us thought Moylan linked his name to the Prince to boost his visibility-faint hope of that!

As it happens the Government Inspector ridiculed Moylan by granting the application with the comment, “the proposal is informed by a thorough understanding of the building and its significance”

Best to stick to what you are good at...    moving on....

1 comment:

  1. Ugh! Not so pretty.....
    He may be the Great Architect but with looks like that he sure ain't the Great Seducer...well some things best kept sub rosa eh Danny


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