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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Council MeetingWatch

The usual boring evening's business for the Mayor-making last week, with the role somewhat debased as two relatively new Cllrs were put up for election, 'faute de mieux' apparently. For non-francophones, that means they were scraping the bottom of the barrel as they have so few good brains these days they cannot spare any for a year.
The Labour Group put up Cllr Mingay, but subverted proceedings by switching the focus of their speeches to his choice of Mayoress, which would be one of two older women who are EPICS users. This gave them space to state just exactly what the effect of EPICS closing would have on these people and their friends. At length. Some of the front bench were appalled, while others applauded their genius in using the occasion, particularly as it was none other than the new Mayor herself who had signed the decision to close the centre.

Didnt sway the ruling Tory Group in reversing their cuts to the centre, but hopefully will make a few of them sleep a little less easily - through this meeting obviously. 
Tory Cllrs had evidently been told to be discreet in their Blackberrying, as they were still twiddling away, but mainly in their laps. We can still see you! And the camera will not lie; the filming taking place will reveal rows of Tories staring intently at their crotches. Meanwhile there was the usual flagrant newspaper-reading on the back benches, which is a bit rich when the chamber is packed with visitors.
Scipio 'Skippy' Mosley was seen in the Mayor's Parlour afterwards, circling the room so everyone could see his aristocratic features from every pretty angle. Unbelievable that he actually wants to be spend any time closetted in fusty rooms with groups of old men; hardly the place for a 'cool young buck' as he is called in Tatler.'

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  1. A total pro labour piece that goes further to prove who is writing it


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