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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

PalmerGate Update 8.. Goes to appeal

The official complaint against last man standing in St Charles, Clouseau Palmer was brushed aside by the so called independent Initial Assessment Review Committee. They adjudged that Palmer who failed to declare a business interest and the allegation that he promoted the same business interest using Town Hall facilities did not warrant any sanction; despite the former being made into a criminal offence in a soon to be enacted bill before Parliament.

In other words, if it happened one year from today, Palmer could have been before a judge in a court of law fighting for his political life.

Luckily it was now, and he is before the so-called independent Standards Committee, staffed by the not so independent Jennifer Ware and co who dealt him the aces from up their sleeves and let him off with little more than a wag of a finger - had he been present he would have received the Phelps style embrace and kiss on the cheek no doubt.

These councillors live in some fantasy world, they think they can do what they want, say what they want, and turn up when they want and we the people who elect them are more of an irritation, a rash that appears once every four years or so, that needs a little ointment and then it all dies down for another four years or so.

Not any more.

People like Palmer who think they can get away with failing to declare business interests, or any others with their nose in the trough had better be aware, the Hornet is waiting to sting you. 

Mr Justin Downes, of Residents First the growing movement in the borough, who lodged the original complaint has prepared an appeal that demolishes the arguments of the committee that exonerated the councillor and Hornet will keep you posted on the outcome. 

As the Dame said earlier, next time Clouseau, its just a matter of time...


  1. It is sincerely hoped that Dame Hornet will take the greatest care of herself; so she may continue her many noble services to democracy right up to and through the next local elections. We are in awe of her single minded pursuit of the dubious; the lazy and the downright stupid in Hornton St. The honest and hard working have nothing to fear. The Council as a whole is well advised to be scared of the Hornet's sting.

  2. How long will it take for the Standards Committee to understand that they are supposed to be guardians of public behaviour?

    Committee members need to be tough, fair and impartial.

    The conduct of Wade on the Committee is beyond the pale.

    Cllr Colerige needs to understand that wanting to be liked by everyone is no qualification for high office. He needs to be tough when necessary. A prize for anyone who can mention A SINGLE TIME IN HIS LIFE when our Tim has been tough and shown some backbone.

    Until you mature a bit more Tim, please forget ideas of leading the Council

  3. Keep after them Justin and long live Residents First!

    The first rule of politics is try, try, and try again

  4. What nasty pieces of work the Downes family were!Rape,'s all here....clearly no gentleman!

    General pardon granted by Henry VI to Robert Downes, senior, esquire
    5 July 1446
    Pardon granted to Robert Downes of Worth, esquire, alias Robert Downes gentleman, alias Robert Downes of Shryggeley for all transgressions, offences, misprisions, contempts etc committed before 9 April 1446, and for liability for all prosecutions for breach of the peace for murders, rapes, rebellions, insurrections, conspiracies etc; excluding from the pardon in any way Alianora [Eleanor] Cobeham daughter of Reginald Cobeham, knight, John Bolton of Bolton, Lancashire, bladesmith, and William Wyghale, recently warden of the gaol at Nottingham in relation to the felony of the death of Christopher Talbot, knight, or to any export of wool and woolfells or other merchandise of the staple taken out of the country in contravention of the statute of 18 Henry VI. Endorsed Q:u:5. With fragment of Great Seal

    Your Friendly Councillor

  5. A bit late with my comment but had to say "congratulations" to Justin Downes and FTHN for pursuing the self-serving individuals in Hornton Street. "Your Friendly Councillor" clearly has too much time on his hands if there is room in his day to write such drivel.


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