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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Rags to Ritchies

Certain people are getting a little twitchy over double jobber "colleagues" who have to split their time but dont split their allowances. A number of Tories have raised questions over  Cllr The Baroness Shrill Ritchie, who is a part time councillor for Brompton Ward and a full time Baroness.

Who? Come on, the Dame will never reveal her sources.

It seems that La Baronessa meteoric rise from the typing pool at Grand Metropolitan to the leather benches of the Lords has caused some of her cleverer colleagues to wonder how she did it. Being ex-step-mum-in-law to Madonna endeared her to those in the know, but as some point out, apart from her 'charm' she has little else going for her.

The mystery mutineers also point to the disaster of the Candidate A List which she was architect of. Another bit of the mystery jigsaw is her claim to have been a Daily Telegraph journalist. The Dame has been informed by one who knows that this could be pure fantasy.

So what else gets up their noses? Well we have dealt with one of the Seven Deadly sins-envy so how about the other, greed.

Lets do a small audit...

Currently La Baronessa is paid-courtesy of you and I, around £50,000 a year as a Cabinet member. On top of that whenever she decides to amble down to the Lords by taxi (yes, the bill is enormous) she claims tax free £300 for each sitting day. As the Lords sits around 140 days a year she has scope to collect £42,000 a year. So dear reader the lass from the typing pool, by way of the catwalk, is picking up £90,000 a year.

That's not a bad pension for a 71 year old; lock stock and over a barrel!

For once the Dame has sympathy for the mutinous members of the Ruling Group. It is wrong that she should be double jobbing enabling her to double up her allowances.

So the Dame demands that she step down from her Cabinet post and allow it to be taken by someone whose focus is RBKC; better still spend more time at the other place and give the people of Brompton a councillor with 100% of their time focussed on ward issues.

Oh, and a word to to wise, in this case La Baronessa, "Beware. Not everyone who smiles at you is your friend."


  1. £90,000 a year, indeed.

    Thats more than ten times the state pension!!

    What a lark. She gets £90k from tax payers, another £8.5k from the State Pension, her gold plated and inflation proofed K&C pension (or is the Lady still rolling it up?) and maybe something from Grand Met too.

    Long live the gravy train....

  2. these stories about La Baronessa come mean spirited Tory cllrs whose attempts to ingratiate themselves with Sir Cockle have failed. In order of preference Sir Cockle likes:
    a Money
    b Glamour
    c Sprigs of the aristocracy
    d Brown nosers
    e Tycoons

    and the possibility of placing his fat bottom in the Lords like Shrill

  3. I hear La Baronesas makes a very good cup of tea at public planning consultations. Maybe those years at the typing pool haven't gone to waste after all...

  4. Might the Dame be a bit jealous of the Baronessa? Reading the past press coverage it seems La Baronessa was quite a femme fatale.
    No wonder Sir Cockle enjoys having her around

  5. Now now Dame Hornet, I didn't notice you refusing the ermine when it was offered to you!

    I can't help thinking that if Mrs Ritchie had been a struggling single Mum from North Ken you would be applauding her ambition and determination. In her youth young ladies weren't trained for the world of work, the typing pool then a good marriage was It.

    SOME of her colleagues applaud her grace and hard work. Yes she is ambitious, but as for greed I think she has plenty anyway. Frankly she seems quite exhausted at the moment and might well wish to step down; it's entirely possible that she has asked and been refused, you know.

    Despite all that I agree she is double-jobbing and should be allowed to stand aside for someone who needs it and will put in the ward work.


    The Curse of Justin Downes has struck with his friend Simon Heffer being sacked from the Daily Telegraph.

    Both seem quite happy to slag off a conservative administration and do little else.

    A Win for Cockell

  7. RBKC a Conservative administration?
    Are you sure? My understanding of Conservatism is that councillors worked pro bono rather than using taxpayer's funds to finance their private lives and children's education.
    And I am not even talking about $400 dinners for two with an unnamed 'mystery' guest.
    I cannot really envisage Lady Thatcher overseeing the waste that is endemic in RBKC. I think you need to re define Conservatism!

  8. Those of us who know and admire Heffer understand he left of his own volition. Those who don't-such as 04:45-fearful of identifying himself, should check their facts.
    BTW Heffer made me roar with laughter as he retold Cockell's lunchtime call to whine about some comment or other.
    Heffer berated Cockell for daring to disturb him on Sunday and dismissed him with,"you may call me at my office". Jumped up little local leader was his view...

  9. Are the Masons at work again?

  10. Since when was Thatcher ever the standard of Conservativism


  11. How interesting, where is this story about heffer telling cockell to call him at his office - or is it a "Downes long story"

  12. 08:19
    I have no idea who you are: one assumes someone lacking in courage; why else would you not declare your identity?Why not crawl from under your stone and reveal your identity?
    You ask about the source of the story?
    I never disclose the content of private emails but if it fascinates you so much why not ask your Leader whether he called Mr Heffer one Sunday and engaged in a rant. Or better still address your question to Mr Heffer himself. God, what a bore you are....

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