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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Palmergate Update 10

It seems the antennae of Hornet reach even further than the web wizards at Hornton Street, as the Dame spots the "electoral verification number" being the number of signatures required to trigger a mayoral referendum has been corrected.

Oh yes, the last man standing in St Charles has been immortalised in the hallowed pages of Private Eye again on a story you heard first right here.

Well done Clouseau and yet again more people are astounded at the decision made by the so-called independent panel.

So now we know, its not the so-called independent panel that got it wrong, its everyone else.


  1. I hear that a Review Committee has been called for July....doubtless another whitewash

  2. It is ridiculous that a Standards Committee takes a "very serious view" of a councillor's conduct, even admits that it will soon be a criminal offence, and then does nothing!

    Does the Committee really think that residents and voters are fools?

  3. We need to understand clearly who is on this "independent" committee and what their motivations are.

    80 year old Jennifer Ware (Chairperson) is a friend and confident of Council Leader Cockell who makes it clear to his acolytes that he does not want anyone to rock the boat now that he is in the twilight of his marathon stint as Leader

    Quietly ambitious Cllr Coleridge, with aspirations to be Leader, exhibits deep Etonian charm and practices the mantra of "never do or say anything that upsets anyone". He still needs to learn that Leaders sometimes have to be tough and bite the bullet. Nick never bit anything in his life.

  4. There is no surprise here. Justin downes constantly tries to get other things published he has been responsible for - the previous article he put in private eye about the leader to the simon heffer pieces. All of them have his scaly finger marks on

  5. This Council is more of an embarrassment every day. Do we have no standards? What are our values?

    I cringe every time bad press comes to light. Daily Telegraph and Private Eye in one week! Whatever next?

  6. Had to take a few minutes understanding the point you were making.
    Look it's so simple even you should be able to grasp it, but let me gently take you through it.

    Cockell goes to New York at vast and unnecessary expense to residents. It was a Jolly-plain and simple.
    Whilst there he takes someone out for a dinner at the one of the world's most expensive and exclusive
    restaurants. The dinner cost the thick end of $380.
    When he returns his expenses are examined by residents. They are staggered by the vast flight and hotel cost.
    Mr Cockell, as he was then was, impudently tells questioners that he cannot identify the guest "WE" paid for.
    There are three areas of concern here: No 1... he has become senile. No 2... he entertains so frequently, at our expense, that it's all becomes a blur
    and No 3... he is terrified to reveal the name(as you are terrified to reveal yours!)
    In all of these circumstances he should consider his position.
    So yes, I mention it to Heffer who is amazed. He sets in train the credit charge investigation we now see
    popping up in the D.Telegraph. And quite right too-if you believe in democratic scrutiny.
    The Private Eye Piece? Nothing to do with me: most likely one of your council colleagues.
    Now I better get my scaly sorted out t the manicurist....

  7. The Private Eye Piece? Nothing to do with me: Says Mr Justin Downes

    I can see I pig flying by

  8. You must concentrate...

    I have already declared I am responsible for getting the D.Tel to look at credit card charging and most of the other national stories emanate from me. So you should use your commonsense and realise that had the PE story come from me I would have happily admitted it!
    That pig you saw flying by could have been one of twinning committee on the way to Cannes: but doubtless you will read more of that in the D.Tel this week.


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