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Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Season 2  -  Episode 2


The Royal Wedding weekend passed successfully and the run on flags celebrating the resignation of the one everyone loves to hate was a complete success. Everywhere in the borough was merriment as the people drank and toasted TfL.

Back in Tory Chambers at 1A NotOnMyManor Street the mood quickly soured. 
The Tory Agent (JFH) is in his office, feeling somewhat agitated. James, his assistant is handing him coffee. 

JFH: [head in hands] No. no, no, I just cant believe this has happened?
JAMES: What do you mean, the selection process?
JFH: He was an actor, in a blue movie, one I hadn't seen....

Tory Chairman Buffy Buckmaster comes in asking what is going to happen at the Tory AGM in the council. Dressed like the Verger from Dads Army, his dog tooth trousers under his cassock.

JFH: [agitated] what makes you think I would know or have any influence in it anyway?

Buffy pulls up his trousers to just under his armpits, looks at the office workers, who shrug their shoulders and then turns to the Agent

BB: Let me re-phrase the q...     no, in fact I'll just repeat it, what is going to hap...

He is interrupted in mid-sentence by the Louis Vuitton clad Agent Provocateur who scornfully says

JFH: Cock-kell is staying for one more year before he is farmed off as Mayor for the Olympics. 

A chorus from the assembled office workers are heard mumbling under their breath

ALL: [whispered loudly] He needs the money


  1. Haha, very funny. But there's no way Cockle would take the role of Mayor, it isn't paid and it usually goes to someone independently rich who the team can manage without for a year. There are several of them on the Council, but he isn't one of them!

    Nice storyline but a flight of fantasy.

  2. I have to agree with 22:20
    Sir Cockle loves money


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