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Friday, 13 May 2011

Toad of City Hall Coleman abuses Hornet

Woe is Hornet! She has been unceremoniously verbally assaulted by grab-a-cab Coleman, who says

 "How dare you. What right do you think you have to insult hard working public servants. You are sad anti democratic obsessive people in need of a life who could not get elected if you even had the balls to try"

Our Dear Readers in K&C may not have heard of this rather odious chap, but for those who do they know his reputation proceeds him. Have a look at this clip, the fun starts at around 0'50

So its one thing for the Toad of City Hall to berate Hornet for "insulting public servants" and yet its perfectly acceptable for this pompous lazy parasitic member to insult staff members at City Hall. 

On a serious note, it is totally unacceptable for anyone, including politicians who think they can insult anyone. 

Right, now the Dame understands how Brians Brain works, and if this photo is anything to go by its about the only thing about him that does any "work". Toady suggests Hornet "couldnt get elected even if she had the balls(sic) to try"  and he cannot actually substantiate that as for all he knows Hornet could be elected right now, Hornet suggests that he couldnt keep a job down in the real world even if he found an employer with the balls to hire him.

Just in case anyone is thinking that Hornet is being a little unfair to grab-a-cab-Coleman, he ran up taxi fares that make La Baronessa's look positively miniscule. Brian Coleman when he was 'The Mare of Barnet' appointed his mother as the Mayoress and had the tax payer fund both their cabs when being ferried around the place.  £3,500 on taxis alone. 

He is also the main man on the Fire Committee, the one who plans to dispose of two dozen or so appliances across London and each time he opens his mouth manages to alienate staff, peers, or the Fire Service generally.

Every borough has one, fortunately ours has skulked off to TfL, and Toady Coleman, the Marmite Mayor (you either love him or hate him) is Brents.

This guy really knows how to milk the system getting well over £100,000 plus expenses (and lots of those) courtesy of the taxpayer. Transparency is very important  in public life, but Coleman is on record as saying (on publishing expense records) "I won't do it voluntarily. It's none of the public's business." 

The Dame is on a mission to expose people just like Coleman, and is so happy the marmite member feels so rattled he had to send in the little diatribe. For the record the Dame doesnt like Marmite.

On Colemans riposte Hornet is honoured, and fortunately something Coleman will never be.


  1. ow dare this useless individual insult our dearly beloved Dame. Well he got his comeuppance with a perspicacious examination of his uselessness as an AM. I hope he gets booted out so he can spend more time with his mummy.

  2. more pro labour text

  3. Coleman is one of the most odious reptiles to operate in Local Govt that we have seen for many years.

    Money grabbing, arrogant and insensitive. Up there with Cockell in the sick bag stakes

  4. 16:25 you clot...don't you know that we Tories despise the fat and greedy Mummy's Boy

  5. Fatty Coleman was Mayor (or Mare?) of Barnet, not Brent.

  6. Thanks Morris
    I will correct(and amend).

    Dame Hornet

  7. "Toady Coleman, the Marmite Mayor (you either love him or hate him) is Brents."

    no BARNET'S!

    (I live in Brent, and we don't want him. The Brent Cross Shopping Centre is in Barnet, by the way.)


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