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Monday, 16 May 2011

If you go down Exhibition Road today....

The Dame is honoured. She has just received an invite( see below) from Louis Vuitton obsessed JFH and ex Cllr Mark Daley( the chap caught up in the famous Phelps Scandal, which caused the loss of Earls Court.)

She will do her best to attend but don't count on her.....

In big bold Lib Dem yellow the desperate message is that Sir Cockle needs you-the trampled upon resident-to tramp the streets persuading cynics that he and Danny Boy Moylan were worth the £5,000 a week they grabbed in allowances last year. Plus the vast expenses;-$380 dinners for two in top New York restaurants and first class travel.

If voters have any sense they will stay at home: so should recipients of the invite.Residents are wising up to ways of Cockle and his crew.

The irony is that the rendezvous is in Exhibition Rd. All Hornet readers know that Exhibition Rd has cost £28 millions:the latest, and the greatest waste of hard pressed resident's money-though not as great a waste as the white elephant of Holland Park School. Under 'business dynamo' Sir Cockle costs there have soared from mind boggling £24 millions to a mind numbing £100 million.

Lets hope the Dame is not sent any more mischievous emails detailing some of the more tasty bits of information on Sam and Louis.

The Dame's officer friend says that when Warren Lord (aka Lloyd North) was 'done for' Rock 'The Boy' Feilding-Mellen goose-stepped the 7ft long Louis Mosley into the job of standing. Drilled him into standing perhaps?
One resident was heard to moan about about getting inexperienced boys to do men's work. The same officer says since Pooter Cockle pulled 'The Boy' into the Cabinet things have quite gone to RockFM's head. Evidently he charges around the place as if he owns it. He is even allowed to go for rides with Pooter in the 80 litre Bentley Behemoth.

Ballroom dancing friends of the Dame say The Boy is a key part of Pooter's succession planning: he intends to by-pass the Tims and Nick and passing the baton to 'RockFM' who has loads of time since he has never had a proper job (Dame, a bit like Pooter and Palmer?Ed)

But remember when you vote for Sam and Louis you are voting for Sir Cockle. And when you vote for Sir Cockle you are voting for a man with a penchant for using your taxes to indulge his lifestyle, A vote for these nominees of Cockell and his self serving team is a vote against proper democracy and fiscal prudence: Sir Cockle is a stranger to both-and a danger to your financial health.


  1. Oh Dame, I wish you had been there! Or maybe you were... These really are the 'end days' of the Cockletories. It was so pathetic I almost felt sorry for them. Yet not.

    Skippy (Scipio) Mosley (so called as he skips from one conquest to the next) was on fine form, but then that is what he's best at, being THE party accessory, as Tatler will confirm.

  2. Given the Conservative majority and the perks available, the apathy of the local party is just shocking.

    What have I missed? Are they all lizards inside? Are they zombies? Am I the last to know? I don't understand.

  3. Scipio is 22. 22!!! Are they that desperate?

    Answers on a postcard.

  4. The strapline at the bottom of this Conservative leaflet reads: "Don't let our opponents win in K & C." This is about as negative a message as RBKC Liberal Democrats could wish local Conservatives to produce. Recent events proved that the Conservatives are unfamiliar with the concept of real opposition in local by-elections. One can only watch & wonder as events unfold.

  5. who leaked this? I haer it was an officer who happened to see it on a computer in the Members Room.
    Memo to Cllr Palmer: Please log off.

  6. Certain Conservatives love to imagine that in not fighting these by elections there is some weakness in Residents First. Why would we wish to poke our heads up above the parapet now? Residents First is planning something a whole lot bigger. Next thing is I will be told to commit political suicide by asking the advice of Cllr Palmer. Now that would not be clever!


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