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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Grasp the nettle over by-election

Following the sad departure of the incumbent councillors as soon as the process is triggered by two electors writing to the Chief Executive at Kensington Town Hall demanding a by election; arrangements will need to be made to fill the vacancies that now exist.

Brompton and Queens Gate will, if contested have to choose a new representative each.

The Hornet has no idea who each of the parties will select, the Tories may want to avoid the Earls Court debacle in selecting a previous candidate who stood against them.

But it is a great opportunity for the opposition.

At the last election the Tories romped home in both wards, helped by the inactivity of other parties and the presence of all of them splitting the vote.

So here is the opportunity...

Big chiefs in Labour and Liberal Democrats should get together round a table and come to an agreement.

One stands in one of the wards, the other in the other ward; therefore giving the electorate a straight choice between yet another faceless Tory or some opposition. They could even put an endorsement on each others respective leaflets!

Fanciful idea? Perhaps...    ...but you dont know the opportunity unless you talk.... could pave the way to something bigger.....


  1. any strategy such as this will give the people of the Borough a chance to sample democracy...GO FOR IT LINDA AND JUDITH

  2. Conservatives and Labour teamed up in the past to try and keep the Liberals out of N Kensington

    Liberals and Labour teaming in these two bye elections makes sense

    What about Residents First!?? Are they satnading? I understand they are registered as a political party

  3. I suspect Residents First will keep their powder dry until the next election.They have nothing to gain from fighting by elections at an early stage. Much better for them to wait awhile when the Cons have to fight on all fronts
    "The Pundit in politics"

  4. I though Mr Downes lived in Brompton Ward. He could stand and we can all help him.

    Labour have not got a hope and I suggest that after the local elections and the AV vote, the Liberals will be as popular as a fart in a space suit.

    You cannot let the Tories take the seat without a fight.


  5. Is this BP (Barry Phelps?) proposing to stand as a Residents First! candidate?????????


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