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Monday, 9 May 2011

Its a dirty job but some stoop lower

News reaching the Dame yesterday is that within a few hours of it being known one of the recently deceased councillors had passed away, a senior member of the Conservative team was busying himself on the phone lining up replacements.

Hornet knows who this is and so does a number of people he telephoned over the weekend but out of respect for the friends and families will refrain from naming and shaming him.

Politics is often referred to as a dirty business, and its actions like this that do nothing to improve the image.


  1. well so now we have a clue. Daniel Moylan can you please assure us that you did not make these calls? I am sure that the Dame would give you space to deny the claim: or, if you did this appalling thing apologise to the Dalton family,your fellow cllrs and residents. What will it be ?

  2. I am shocked to hear of this tasteless and insensitive behaviour. The person involved should be revealed in all their nastiness. However, given people's reluctance to speak out about his identity, I think we can all guess it is Don Corleone himself.

  3. don't you mean "Dan" Corleone?

  4. Following these comments is the suggestion that Daniel Moylan was the architect of the telephone campaign?
    If so he should be firmly dealt with by the whip on the Conservative Group.
    Cllrs like Ahearn, Paget-Brown, Cockell or Coleridge would never dream of behaving in this crass and insensitive way and the behavior of this errant councillor reflects on the reputation of our Council.

  5. Yes, well, obviously sad but business must go on.

  6. A highly regarded citizen dies and within hours of his death some councillor hustler thinks it right to
    show such utter disrespect.
    And you, 10 May 2011 05:25, excuse it as 'business' need to take a lesson in manners.It just shows how far this council has sunk when it disrespects one of its councillors in this way

  7. How ironic that Daniel Moylan's distasteful ringing around dug up the unfortunate Lloyd North.
    The biter bit....


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