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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Dame Meets... ...who?

Yes Dear Reader, the Dame had a most interesting appointment recently.

An old flame of a fairly senior person with some interesting revelations from not so long ago.

Hornet is just expecting some final pieces of the jigsaw to come together before she can go public, but when she does it is going to blow a hole so big Sir M could drive the Bentley right through it.

Stay tuned...


  1. Are you waiting for polling day to go public H?

  2. Now that is a very good idea.......

  3. or just padding the blog with, as the say "drivel"

  4. 12.51 Driveller
    I take a good look at comments. The blog now has close to 70,000 viewings. You are the only negative poster. That simple fact should make clear to you that your views count for nothing.
    Go home, get a good nights sleep and thin of a better way of attacking the Dame.

  5. How do you know I am the only person who is critical of this blog? Is it because there is only one person writing positive remarks that praises this blog to the hilt?

    The Count can easily be increased by pressing "Reload" or "Home" - so it is not a valid statistic.

  6. Actually, you are wrong (yet again).

    The counter adds "unique visitors" only not page loads.

  7. Funny how a few words from the Dame and Cockell's pathetic hit squad go running for cover.
    I heard that Cockell is highly embarrassed by the fact that the Dame id now being read by ministers.
    long may the Dame reign.

  8. 08.04, I think you could add Cllrs from just about every borough even vaguely nearby plus several senior journalists; we're all hooked. Especially with this post.

    Frankly we are waiting for some real dirt, something actually illegal would be good (unlike the Brompton porn star, funny though it was).


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