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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Readers Write....

Dr Gordon Taylor is chairman of the 14,000 strong West London Residents Association- one of the largest and most influential of resident associations and credited with persuading The Mayor of London to scrapping congestion charging in the Borough, resulting in an economic upsurge amongst retailers. He is also a man with vast business experience so not to listen or engage with him is nothing short of folly. Why has Merrick Cockell not had the courtesy to respond? Is it just bad manners or has it more to with what Dr Taylor describes as,” a clear example of the public sector protecting itself at the expense of the taxpayer.”

Dear Sir,

Cutting Council Costs

On 8th Mar 2011 I wrote to Sir Merrick Cockell, Leader of Kensington and Chelsea Council (RBKC), suggesting that consideration be given to a consultation aimed at reducing the number of councillors by a third from 54 to 36. This would produce worthwhile savings in the estimated annual cost of councillors of £1.2M. This approach is already being taken by other councils including Bucks County Council and Telford and Wrekin Council. 

The Chief Executives of several councils are also taking voluntary pay cuts. With the Chief Executive of RBKC costing the taxpayer £256,000 pa I suggested that a similar gesture would be appreciated by borough residents. 

Despite a reminder Sir Merrick has yet to reply. Perhaps this is not surprising as RBKC seem determined to protect themselves from the effect of the recession and cuts by increasing charges for their services. 

In Oct 2010 RBKC decided to increase charges and fees by 3.1%. This was followed by substantially higher increases for parking charges. This is a clear example of the public sector protecting itself at the expense of the taxpayer.

Gordon Taylor 
Chairman West London Residents Association


  1. Total Balls

    "Dr Gordon Taylor is chairman of the 14,000 strong West London Residents Association"

    14,000 strong what ? Ants? Fleas? certainly not people.

    He and a few saddo's (that can be counted one one hand and leave enough fingers to to a V sign to, do not make 14,000).

    More rubbish from the Hornet

  2. Gordon Taylor is usually "on the ball". He certainly is here.

    It has been clear for many years that there are too many councillors with too little to do (except take home vast Special Responsibility Allowances dished out by Cockell). How can we justify Cabinet members on £50k plus per year? Cockell himself on £66k per year!!

    Every councillor in K&C represents about 1,000 people. MP's represent about 100,000 constituents. What is so special about K&C?

    And when a councillor dies or retires, it is the devil of a job to find a replacement. Cockle had to go to his new protege "Rock" Fielding-Mellon to help him find a candidate for Bromton Ward after the circus of the North resignation. Who did Rock find? A young wipper snapper (Louis Mosley) who works as a House of Commons Researcher. What a joke

    Time for a clear out and clean up

  3. 16.34, who are you? From outer space?

    The West London Residents Association has been campaigning for many years on common sense and traffic/road issues. Quoted frequently in the press and generally acknowledged to have a huge membership. Has everyone got it wrong?

    Who on earth are you??

  4. Total Balls
    Clearly this 'educated and urbane comment' has to have been written by Desperate Danny Boy-typically vulgar and crude stuff.
    Keep on going are scaring them.....

  5. More rubbish from the why do 3,000 residents a week read it?

  6. I don't care whether Gordon Taylor represents one or 14,000 people. I endorse all he says in his letter to our ill mannered leader. Lack of response to this letter is just further evidence of a Council run by people who have no interest in anything other than themselves.

  7. The 'rubbisher' is none other than Driveller himself.

    Now now naughty boy, you were told to stop posting comments and keep your head down, weren't you? Just can't keep yourself out of trouble, can you?

  8. yes I thought that Driveller(aka, Cllr Palmer) had been called into Sir Cockle's private suite and warned that after the non declaration of interests debacle he was keep his mouth shut. Do as you're told Matthew or Rock, the new head prefect, will call you in for some disciplining.


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