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Monday, 9 May 2011

That'll do nicely...

As promised more revelations from the council credit card statements.

Hornet has previously informed you of the Apple Mac computers and how the council card was used to pay for Derek Myers the chief of SOLACE to attend its own conferences.

Now we turn to the purchase of a television from Marks and Spencer in December, costing over £600.

According to the councils own reports this paid for from "Section 117 money" and yet Section117 is legislation under the Mental Health Act that provides for a refund for the cost of aftercare.

The question is, why was the council credit card used to pay for a TV labelled Section117 at all?

But that isnt the only TV bought using the council card.

Oh no, the statements are littered with so many visits to the Sony Centre it would seem the borough is awash with Bravia TV's they could probably sell some back to Sony.

More than £9000 has been spent on this type of equipment, including top of the range flat screen TV's, wall brackets and a Nintendo Wii.

It may well be legitimate spending, but who checks these?

What assurances do you, the K&C taxpayer have that these purchases have not been made by a councillor or a council officer for their own benefit?

What assurances indeed...

More soon.

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