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Monday, 30 May 2011

Not so Four Star!

According to a new report published by Sheffield University (better than some of the institutions the current cabinet were forced to attend) has shown that crime, pollution and anti-social behaviour is rising faster in Kensington and Chelsea than anywhere else in the country. You can read about it by clicking here.

One of the authors of the report says the most improved areas are in the north of the country, and "reveal the extent of Britains bankruptcy in financial, residential, political, moral, emotional and environmental aspects"...    anyone would think he has been reading FTHN the last year or so!

The writing was really on the wall in K&C when in 2006 Clouseau managed to "persuade" enough punters to "lend them their vote" with his two colleagues in St Charles. On the premise that if they were rubbish the voters could "take it back in 2010". Fortunately the voters were not easily fooled and chucked two of them out...   ...unfortunately however, it was the wrong two.

Looks like one for RockFM to sort out, him being in charge of community affairs. Let's hope Rock can drill down into this one and give us the heads up


  1. The story I love is the one about a councillor that burst into tears at a media training session saying they were going to "die" for this cause they were campaigning for.

    Unfortantly they are still here

  2. I doubt that one will appear in the Cllrs' press pack.

  3. 11.58 - Hi Driveller, I think you meant to put this comment in the 'Daddy's office' post.

    Your comment is very revealing; evidently you are not someone who gives a stuff about anyone but yourself. I rather admire the passion some members put into their campaigning.

  4. Before the last general election, a file detailing 'errors' in RBKC Leader's expenses, was sent to the Audit Commission. Rather than address the issues, the Audit Commission provided RBKC with another 4 star report on its activities. The Leader of RBKC was made a member of the Audit Commission & given a knighthood. Enough said.

  5. How long will it take Cllr Palmer to learn that digging holes is a pointless and stupid task?


  6. I find it rather refreshing that someone cares so much about his or her consituents that s/he is moved to tears over defending their interests.

  7. Hang on there, Anonymous 11.58 - or should we say Driveller? - if this was a training session I think this is a breach of confidence.

    Are you actually trying to break every rule in the book, or are you just a bit thick?


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