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Friday, 13 May 2011

Stirling efforts for Labour in Queens Gate

"He is described by his supporters as a person who gives his time selflessly to the community. He is valued for his fair and level-headed approach to local issues and problems; his concerns are particularly for older residents. He is constantly alert for more vulnerable members of the community who might need help or advice"

Cllr Sir Merrick Cockell on Labours Keith Stirling, Candidate for the Queens Gate by election

Keith Stirling was born and bred in the borough, and is a hard-working and committed member of the community who has served on committees ranging from youth clubs to residents associations. Well known for championing the concerns of his older neighbours, Keith is famous for his biennial charity cycle ride from John 0’ Groats to Land’s End for Sixty Plus/Age Concern; his 15th this year could see him in the Guinness Book of Records. 

He knows Queens Gate ward very well and is looking forward to meeting residents and hearing their concerns.


  1. More proof this is a Labour Blog

  2. You fool.

    If the Tories, Glib-Dums or any other party/individual standing sent in a blurb for their candidate(s) it would get published.

    Don't blame the Dame if your piece for Louis and Sam isn't here.

    Ask JFH to send in something and it will be considered for publication.

  3. When I glanced at Sir Cockle's comments I thought in disbelief he was referring to Deputy Danny. Thankfully, I read on in relief to see that he was writing about a true community representative.
    I am going to be rather controversial here.We need to look at local government and think that sometimes we should switch our political allegiance if the candidate is of such quality that he deserves our vote.It does not have to be a permanent switch but one that sends a message to the people in power.This man should be given a chance...he seems to walk the walk....
    It is a appalling that the bulk of current councillors don't bother to hold surgeries.
    If you are not going to vote Con or Lib Dem you should give this man your vote on the basis of his community work-not his party politics. In RBKC that does not matter too much.

  4. I have to say I am a Conservative voter who would quite like to see a bit of balance on the Council. And frankly after the corrupt performance of this council I would like to see someone who could send a 'message'.
    I would not mind adding my name to his nomination paper. Sound a sterling fellow. And with that bounder Moylan in Queensgate good to have a genuine community worker-not someone trying to make money for himself.
    And he gets ringing endorsement from that other self serving parasite Cockell

  5. This candidate sounds a worthy replacement for " Bangkok Moylan".
    It would be great to get rid of this expensive waster.
    Has anyone looked at M's latest catastrophe, Exhibition Road? The roadway has an ugly zig-zag pattern all along it! And at such disruption and expense!

  6. I have known Keith For 10 years and have been on many a board with him i find him great to be with and he will always tell you how it is and not how you want to hear it Good Luck Keith
    Burt Reading.


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