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Thursday, 26 June 2014



The 'common and the poor' are no longer welcome in the Rotten Borough.
For centuries, all classes of and poor, rubbed along well together. 
It was a defining feature of Borough life making it the characterful place it once was-but increasingly less so. 
In decades to come it will be just a ghetto for ultra rich foreigners to hide their ill gotten gains, looted from their own impoverished countries.

According to this reader Nick Paget-Brown told her 'that retaining the social mix made the Borough so special'.

Could Nick have been 'avin a larf? Or just lying through his back teeth?
Its seems Affinity Sutton have been given the 'nod and the wink' to wreck Sutton Buildings and right behind come TfL ready to smash up the Cremorne Estate. 
Hundreds of millions of pounds will be made by forcing out residents, many doing essential jobs in K&C, just so soulless developers can build soulless developments.

A reader writes....

Dear Dame

Yesterday my friends received a letter telling them that the Cremorne Estate Worlds End where they have lived for years is going to be demolished. 

Apparently the revered Paget Brown is fully in agreement with this. 
What a hypocrite the man is and how does he sleep at night. 
When he came to a charity in North Kensington a few months ago I brought up the subject of social housing in the borough. 
He told me that it was imperative that we keep the social mix as that is what makes this borough so special and that we must keep the levels that we have.

This is the first that the tenants have heard about this but they should not worry because they will be rehoused in DAGENHAM according to the letter. 

Who said that social cleansing finished with Lady Porter. 
Many of the families who live there work in local schools and hospitals as well as local government workers. That's a long commute from Dagenham.

The whole estate is in uproar and as more locals find out they will be wondering if they are next. This was kept very quiet and has only now come out after the local elections.


A resident


  1. The Cremorne Estate was built after the war and was used to house homeless families bombed out during the blitz. Many have lived there ever since. Given their advanced age they may not survive the trauma this will cause.

  2. The story has now made it into the local paper:

    The Council are trying to claim that it was all TfL's idea. And yet there is a letter from Cllr. Tim Coleridge to Mayor Boris Johnson on the Council's own website where he proposes relocating the station down to the area of World's End here:

    Is the Council quite simply incapable of ever telling the truth?

  3. The story has now made it into the local paper:

    The Council are trying to claim that it was all TfL's idea. And yet there is a letter from Cllr. Tim Coleridge to Mayor Boris Johnson on the Council's own website where he proposes relocating the station down to the area of World's End here:

    Is the Council quite simply incapable of ever telling the truth?

  4. The TMO Board also received a briefing that states quite clearly that Transport for London was asked by Nick Paget-Brown to look at a Crossrail 2 station on the Cremorne Estate. TfL want to put the station by the Chelsea Fire Station - but that will upset too many of the Russian who now own most of Chelsea (apart from the Sutton Estate - at the moment).

  5. @keithbarkermain27 June 2014 at 11:19

    The decision to demolish Sutton Buildings is deplorable. Now comes an allegation that the Cremorne Estate is to be demolished, its residents rehoused in Dagenham. Can this be true? If so, the prospect of 'social cleansing’ in favour of yet more sterile designer ghettoes -as at Warwick Road and Earl’s Court where shopping facilities and an income-generating, much needed community asset are the victims - is abhorrent, deeply unfair on those who live there, and should be resisted. If the news was deliberately and cynically hushed up, as is alleged, until after elections, those responsible should be deeply ashamed of themselves. I do not want to see K&C turned into London’s version of Monaco, playground of the rich and morally bankrupt. K&C's social mix must be protected. That, not accommodating greedy developers and property profiteers, should be one of the Council’s main duties.

  6. Of course it was hushed up until after the elections - after all, the Tories almost lost the former Cremorne ward in a by-election.

  7. Neo-con Tory Councillors such as Feilding Mellen and Coleridge and senior RBKC Officers like Jonathan Bore and Amanda Johnson are utterly determined to smash working class communities and socially cleanse the Rotten Borough. The Leader of the Council, Nick Paget- Brown seems either unwilling or unable to do anything to assist residents living in social housing.
    For the past few years the Council have been working on legislation to enable them to achieve these aims and remove the poor and excluded from Kensington and Chelsea.
    Along the way, the RBKC Council have gone out of their way to remove guarantees that existing tenants be allowed to return to their original community's in the event of regeneration.
    The RBKC "Decant Policy" is a blueprint for the fascist and immoral social cleansing of our community and those responsible should hold their heads in deep shame.

    1. Actually 23.56 the officer with his bloodied hands ripping out the still-beating heart of K&C is Michael Clark, Director of Property. He has weird eyes, can't look at you, is extremely rude and finds Councillors a nuisance and a barrier to his plans.

      But let's remember that officers supposedly act on the orders of Cabinet Members, and his CabMem is Rock FM.

    2. And let's not forget that it was actually Councillor Tim Coleridge who was the Cabinet Member responsible for drafting and ratifying the fascist and immoral "Decant Policy" .

  8. We are being sold out by a bunch of underhanded devious bxxxxrds in Hornton Street AKA Hammersmith and Fulham. Ask Nick is nothing more than a PR Stunt. Don't get me wrong there are good councillors in Hornton street but they don't have a chance against the devious bxxxxrds who hold sway. The only way to stop those in power from screwing up the lives of decent people is for thousands of residents to rise up against those making the decisions. It is time that some French type direct action took place against the decisions made by the Hornton Street Elite. RBKC should be brought to a stand still until Nick and his developer hugging cronies listen. Look what happened to the SEN transport contract the most vulnerable suffered did they care of course not, it took Councillor Blakeman to embarrass them into action.

  9. Totally agree with 00.30 the residents need to kick them hard. Nick who? Does what? They don't give a damn about the residents and are not clever enough to deal with the scum that is running Hornton street now.

  10. I too attended the N. Kensington charity meeting where Paget Brown assured Resident that RBKC's social mix was safe in his hands. Brown lied as he always does. He smiles and smirks and lies. There's no difference between him and his predecessor Cockle. Congratulations to Resident for bringing this disgraceful matter to public attention.

  11. It is very clear that the Council has, yet again, sided with property developers rather than residents.

    The letter from Cllr. Coleridge to Mayor Boris Johnson dated August 2013 indicates that the Council had already approached property developers Sloane Stanley with regards to the proposal for a Crossrail 2 station on the site of the Cremorne Estate but not the estate's residents or those living next to it.

    Expecting the Council to consult residents before proposing works that will materially impact the lives of thousands of residents, both those on the Cremorne Estate and those living nearby, is clearly too much to ask.

    1. Underneath all the charm, Coleridge was always dodgy

    2. "Materially impact" doesn't even begin to describe what the Council is willing to inflict on those living on and near the Cremorne Estate.

      At last Friday's drop-in TfL stated that the works site for a new station will need to be between 3,000 and 5,000 square metres in size. It is patently obvious that a site of that size can only be accommodated if the estate is demolished.

      And a site of that size is going to be a massive blot on the landscape. Expect property prices to plummet all along that particular stretch of the Kings Road whilst the Council decides just how monumental a mess they've managed to create and whether they should do anything about it.

  12. Cremorne residents should steer clear of Australian loudmouth, name dropping bore, John Rendell. This sad bore who thinks he's some sort of local big shot should f**k off back to Oz.

    1. That's Rendall not Rendell. Top tip: always spell the name correctly when trying to be offensive.

  13. Who cares....still an Oz a***hole


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