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Monday, 2 February 2015


" you could not make it up".....

That was the stock response always given by the Dame's old mate, Ex Cllr Phelps whenever Pooter was idiotic....(The Dame's friendship abruptly ended when the Dame reported 'Filthy' over his vile emails of young boys)

'Filthy' would have certainly used that expression had he known that one of the PM's gauche young advisers had persuaded Dave to get Stefano Pessina, previous owner of Boots, to support him.

Getting an Italian, Monaco based, international businessman, to support you is just about the most stupid thing you can do.

They are a breed disliked by Englishmen of every class and political persuasion. 

What is it that makes politicians act like clowns?

"Unichem had to disclose that the man who was to be executive deputy chairman of the new group was charged in Italy with "aggravated fraudulent bankruptcy" and "aggravated fraud in the obtaining of public financing". The accusations arose from the purchase of two small firms from a state-owned corporate rescue vehicle by a company in which Pessina had a minority stake. According to his spokesman, the charges were dropped or dismissed in 2000."


  1. Why would the Hornet give a fig about this man?

    Answer: He thinks Millipeeds policies are not business freindly. This has upset the Labour editiors of this blog, so they are on a muck rakeing exercise. Further proof this is a Labour blog.

  2. Cllr Palmer... this blog is read by impressionable young people. We should be setting a good example. The Dame's three year old great grandson happened to be reading the blog and exclaimed, " Great Grandmother, Cllr Palmer can't spell 'raking or friendly'; how can we take him seriously? Out of the mouths etc...
    Shame on you, Cllr, for setting such a bad example to our youth!
    The Dame is an old fashioned Tory: she doesn't like offshore types like this man and the god awful Sir Pip Green.

  3. One is glad to note that the Dame despises homegrown creeps as much as foreign specimens of the type. Party politics apart, the Tories' capacity for being oblivious to the flawed characters of some of their hangers-on, is second only to that of the Ukippers. Perhaps this reflects the sheltered upbringing of many of our current politicians.

  4. Lets have a campaign on the Hornet against the Guardian (which hides its money in a offshore trust, and does not pay CGT)

  5. London is crawling with unsavory Italians and Greeks with suitcase loads of money. Looking for property investments and trying to ingratiate themselves with the establishment. Keep these types at arms length....

    1. Does Rocco still have his rest and recreation flat in Brighton?

  6. Cretins have Votes2 February 2015 at 17:30

    All we need now is one of the Russian Kleptocrats to come out in support for the Conservatives.
    Cameron's own party might not like him but he knows he has the support of the overseas interests buying up the capital.


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