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Tuesday, 24 February 2015


A resident writes...
says NO to Cameron mate....


Dear Dame

If the Sun is to be believed....and they seem 100% behind their source David Cameron is going to force another celebrity outsider on the voters of Kensington.
The Sun say that Dan Snow, the television presenter, is Cameron's choice. 
Note the 'Cameron's Choice'....

One hopes that the Constituency Association will tell Cameron that they will make their own decision.
In our midst, in Victoria Borwick, we have someone we know and respect.
She has served residents with passion, committment and intelligence and has done a fantastic job for Boris.
How dare Cameron think he can foist upon us someone who has done nothing for us and will be spending as much time as Rifkind pursuing his money making activities.

Victoria Borwick is a local girl made good in local government. She is the ideal candidate.

Kind regards

Peter H***s


  1. Association member24 February 2015 at 23:58

    Is this story is correct it shows the financing power of the Grosvenor family! In a sulk a few years back Grosvenor(over leasehold reform) refused to donate the many hundreds of thousand they were wont to. I assume that they have re-started and His Grace has demanded that his son in law is given a safe seat without ever having done sweet FA. It's outrageous!

    1. Good looking guy

    2. What does he know about politics? Do we know if he cares about residents? The celebrity guys are vote catchers. But Kensington does not need Tory vote catchers - its already in the bag. What we need is someone who will work for residents and cares about residents.

    3. Pippa Middleton would be even better. Anyone know her address?

  2. Is this a dream, or a nightmare? We're apparently in the middle of the 19th century and his Grace the Duke of Grosvenor has at last found a suitable sinecure for his dashing son in law. He'll be the local MP. All very appropriate, since Her Majesty's government is in the safe hands of a group of gentlemen formerly of Eton, Oxford and the Bullingdon Club. But as I awake, I realise that shockingly, the British Empire and its Dominions are lost and Britain no longer rules the waves.

  3. Another bloody celebrity list.

    It is time for the Secretary of State for Local Government, the Rt Hon Eric Pickles, to place a restraining hand on Central Office and strike a blow for "localism". The last four MPs forced on Kensington and Chelsea by Central Office have been disasters. No track record there. What has changed? Will the Association Committee allow itself to be bounced again?

  4. Campden Hill Resident25 February 2015 at 09:58

    We need another "Brandon Rhys-Williams". A hard worker for his residents who pounded the streets and pounded the issues and was always available to listen and to try to help. A good MP model.

  5. If there is one person who will not be pushed around by Central Office, it is Cllr Mills.

  6. The grapevine whisper is that Central Office has put forward just 3 names - one of whom is a former Olympic rower, presumably along with the Duke's son in law and the lovely Pippa.

    Now is the time for the local party to make a firm stand, tear up the list and select someone who'll work for residents rather than press headlines.

  7. I am also backing Victoria - lives in my ward and has helped on all manner of things such as saving the Odeon cinema - besides I stand to make £200 if she wins -

  8. Mr. Snow has no foundation for being selected other than being "DC's choice". It is yet another example of this party crassly ignoring what is right for local government. We need Victoria Borwick where she is. What she does is excellent. Why not Jeremy Paxman? He would not put up with rubbish.


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