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Friday, 20 February 2015


This story is about much more than the meanness of Opera Holland Park: it's about how an incredibly effective K&C charity, which  does so much to help local children get a grip on life, with support from a network of committed volunteers. Please read about its work by clicking on this LINK
The Dame rarely gets emotional, but she did when she read of the wonderful work of this charity.
So she wants to know why Opera Holland Park, which costs us mugs close to a million pounds a year, is no longer affordable for the Rugby Portobello Trust.
It's a disgrace that a brilliant charity such as the Rugby Portobello Trust cannot use OHP for their event: it sounds as if it going to be a wonderful evening and all success to the Trust.

Dear Supporters,
We are writing to all of you who have been loyal supporters of our annual opera gala to tell you about our exciting plans for a new musical event in 2015.  On June 24th we will be presenting an evening of  “Midsummer Music”, hosted by Dame Janet Suzman, DBE and featuring charismatic international concert pianist Melvyn Tan and lyric soprano Nadine Benjamin, hailed by Opera Now magazine as one of the top ten rising operatic stars.
This unique event will take place at the state-of-the-art facilities of Kensington and Chelsea’s newest Academy, Kensington Aldridge Academy ( All tickets will be £70 and will include a drinks and canap√© reception at 7pm and the evening will finish at 9:00pm.
Due to the increasing costs associated with Opera Holland Park, we felt it was time to create a new event, and we are delighted that such distinguished artists are joining us to make this a very special event in our summer calendar.  An official invitation and more details will follow and we look forward to welcoming you all on June 24th.
With best wishes,
The Rugby Portobello Trust


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