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Tuesday, 24 February 2015


Tonight is a standout evening in the Town Hall diary.
This evening our councillors have laid on a huge feast for London's Diplomatic Corps.

So why is the Dame grumpy? 
Well, she had hoped that a stiff, embossed invitation would be winging its way in the Mayoral Bentley. Sadly, it was not to be.

Some killjoys wonder what our councillors are doing pretending to be the Foreign Office: after all, is this not something Sir Malcolm would have been hosting in better, long gone days and how does it benefit us, the taxpayer?

But here is the funny thing. 
Our Borough hardly hosts the creme de la creme of the diplomatic corps. 
The majority of the countries based here are those you would not wish your children to be sending gap year postcards from. 
Most seem to be run by despots or gangsters-or both.
So why, in these desperate days, are we taxpayers being asked to fund, not just an irrelevancy, but a function best left to the FCO? 
The few thousand pounds it cost could have been spent, with greater efficacy, closer to home.
Come on, Nick... It was another pompous Pooter idea you can afford to can.


  1. But tonight the gossip just flowed and flowed!

  2. As usual the old Dame despite being a sourpuss for not being grand enough to be asked is on the ball. What on earth are our foolishly pretentious cllrs paying at.
    As the Dame says the top embassies are all in Westminster. All we have are dodgy litte failed states

  3. The 'gossip' was no more revealing that what we have been hearing all day.

    And yes, it is frankly ridiculous to have such events with 'dodgy little failed states'. It is an embarrassment.

  4. I am fed up paying Council Tax so that the great and the good of the Borough can rub shoulders with diplomats to p*ss it up at my expense. Why not give Dent Coad a budget to treat the dustmen to beer and sandwiches.


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