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Saturday, 21 February 2015


Those who want to save the Westway Stables must have been overjoyed to read the joint statement put out by Sarah Turvey and Angela McConville.
Particular praise needs to go in the direction of Angela. 
It takes a lot of guts to revisit a situation where firm decisions appear to have been made.

Sarah and her supporters have been given a respite until July. In just a few months they need to work up a serious business plan: one which Westway can feel comfortable with.

No one doubts Sarah's skillsets in running an equestian centre and her deep committment, but even she must realise that management is not her forte. 
She really needs some support in this area.

One clever supporter of hers told the Dame, "Sarah and her supporters needs to go into next week's meeting with a very clear strategy; one which Westway Trust can have some faith in. 
She also needs to apply for charitable status so she can fund raise and cut her business tax by 90%"
There is much to play for, but there seems to be goodwill on both sides: an essential component to bridgebuilding.


  1. What a sweet and admirably Christian attitude, Dame, seeing the good in McConville's actions. Being a dour old boot m'self I wonder how much the gimlet-eyed social climber was influenced by the thought of old and well loved horses being shot, crying children wailing over the bodies, and the entirety of the equestrian population being up in arms against her.

    If you and the Standard hadn't caught wind of this disgusting plan I imagine it would all be over by now.

  2. It sounds as though the Dame has brought these two ladies to the table. Another triumph for the Old girl. Sarah Turvey sounds a nightmare. Full of energy and good intentions but totally scatter brained and financially incompetent. She needs a strong operations person to hold her hand and Ms McConville should not waste her time talking until such a person is produced.

  3. Scribe

    It's clear that you have business expertise. I think it would be helpful if you were abe to offer your advice to Sarah. Please contact the Dame

  4. mmmm your writing style reminds me of Barbara Cartland? or Soup? I remember a mad white haired old bat who wanted to be associated with Sarah when she won the mayors award. Who also pontificated about how becoming involved with horses saved herself from a nervous breakdown. Could you be the same person that advised Sarah not to cross Angela?
    If you make such ridiculous allegations about Sarah then at least have the honesty to say who you are, coward!


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