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Friday, 20 February 2015


A irkesome Dame duty is fielding lobbying phone calls and emails from grovelling nonentities desperate for her patronage.
Over the weekend the Dame expects to enjoy 'Me Time'.
She was unamused when her major domo, ex Cllr Phelps, announced a fellow refugee from Earls Court was on the 'blower'.


With a roll of his eyes the disgraced Phelps announced kicked out Earls Court councillor, Jonathon Read wanted a few minutes of the Dame's time.
The very oily Read, hopes to take over from Milord Carrington as chairman of the KCFC Association and was all over the Dame like a cheap suit.

He claimed to the Dame that his skills were 'campaigning'. 
"Come on Jonny Boy" said the Dame, "if you were so damned good at campaigning how come the voters of Earls Court kicked you out on your arse?"
Read, in his time as a councillor was not just deeply unpopular with residents, but with fellow councillors and officers too. 
His other claim to notoriety was supporting every intrusive and unwanted planning application.
The KCFC Association has enough issues without electing this deeply unattractive and divisive man as chairman.

Read's silly manifesto claims...." we have tested skills in campaigning"
Well, those 'tested' skills seem to have deserted him at the last election!


  1. Read always took a sadistic pleasure in voting to grant permission for the most damaging possible planning applications. Such a person has no business within a mile of residents or their elected representatives.

    1. Little Man Syndrome.

  2. The Dame is right....what a plonker.

  3. The Dame is right....what a plonker.

  4. Yes and nasty with it.

  5. It is very encouraging to have some competition for Office in the K&C Conservative Party. Makes a change from the usual "stitch up" and corridor chats. Look how long it took to get rid of Pooter. Not until the pressure from the Dame became too embarrassing for everyone to bear. Four years of struggle.

    Congratulations and encouragement to Mills and Read - both outsiders - for having the courage to stand. May the best person win

  6. Oh happy day when Earl's Court voters flushed the bumptious little squirt away.

  7. He was my favourite councillor, a real hero amongst Earls Courters... Pause... Not


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