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Monday, 16 February 2015


Malcolm Rifkind suffers a great disadvantage: his colleague, Greg Hands, is a hyperactive and hands-on MP and he does not take his C&F constituents for granted. 

Malcolm Rifkind, on the other hand, is indolent and seemingly disinterested in those he is supposed to represent.

Hands must be a bit of a nuisance to Rifkind for he shows him to be more involved looking after his £270,000 a year portfolio of non executive directorships  than conscientiously caring for his constituents.
Being domiciled in Scotland must add to Rifkind's difficulties in representing a London seat.
Using Kensington as a graveyard for ageing political elephants is not fair on voters.

Getting to see Rifkind is a particular problem. 
There are stories of having to wait weeks and weeks before the great man will deign to see you. 
And, in most cases you have to traipse down to Westminster.
Hands, on the other hand, makes himself available at short notice.

So the Dame, having 'bigged up' Hands can, without fear of the awful Palmer calling her a Labour supporter, turn her attention to the man challenging Rifkind, Rod Abouharb.
The Dame wanted to meet all the candidates so summoned Abouharb 'into the presence'.
She was surprised to meet a far from doctrinaire socialist but someone prepared to robustly challenge his own party's stance on issues like the Mansion Tax....
Rod Abouharb is a very likeable, intelligent and hardworking candidate.
He seems genuinely keen to care about grassroots constituency work..... in a way Malcolm Rifkind does not.

The Dame's extends an invitiation to all the Kensington candidates to describe, in a succinct way, how they plan to do a robust job for the constituents of Kensington.

Out of respect for the sitting member she invites Sir Malcolm to kick off......


  1. a bit unfair....he will sometimes come to Resident Association garden parties!

  2. Does Rifkind read the Hornet?

  3. Sir Malcolm Rifkind is a senior person of affairs and has heavy responsibilities in the Palace of Westminster. If MP Hands can stay the course he may also become busy and take on new responsibilities and find it more difficult to spend time with walking wounded constituents and taking pot shots at The Conservative Agent, J Fraser-Howells

    1. Sir M......C.....16 February 2015 at 22:28

      You are a damned fool, sir! Hands has a very onerous government job: Rifkind just fiddles around on the Intelligence & Security Committee wishing he was M. And the rest of the time trying to get more non exec work. No wonder no one sees him!

  4. Greg holds regular surgeries in the middle of the Chelsea and Fulham constituency.

    They take place every Monday morning from 9.00am to 10.30am at:

    Fulham Library
    598 Fulham Road
    SW6 5NX

    1. Can anyone enlighten readers how it is possible to find Sir Malcolm Rifkind if one is not part of the Kensington Garden Party set?

    2. Advertise a non Executive Directorship that would suite well connected MPs

    3. Sir M*****m R*******d16 February 2015 at 22:30

      Do you have anything lucrative in mind? I am open to offers

  5. Former Foreign Secretary Rifkind is Chair of the Parliamentary Security Committee. In order to hold this office he must go through the charade of election as an MP. He's naturally given Kensington & Chelsea where they'd elect a sack beans as long as it's bright blue. So he's free to ignore his constituent' problems. Such persons exist only to enable him to retain his last great political position. His tireless secretary bats away the hordes of plebs who labour under the illusion that he owes them his precious time. He occasionally permits a few peasants to grovel at his feet at his riverside palace. Lackeys take petitions from grimy hands and quietly dispose of them. Job done.

  6. What the hell did Rifkind he was doing charging £5,000 to speak at a Jewish charitable event?

    1. Unbelievable that an MP would CHARGE to attend a charitable event. £5,000 for one hour, and it's for a children's charity. He should pay for a ticket or donate, not charge. Despicable - but says it all about this character.

  7. I once shook the paw of Rifkind at a Campden Ward Garden Party. Rear breed of bustard.

    Note to Editors. The bustard is a game bird found in the Tunisian desert. Every summer the Saudi Royals go there in hunting parties to shoot it

    1. Surely Lord Kensington means rare breed? Rear is something quite different. And rather rude.

    2. I stand by my word, Sir!

    3. In polite society we use the word "rear" rather than the word "arsehole"

  8. The outgoing Chairman of the Conservative Association, Lord Carrington, is in awe of Sir Malcolm. The incoming Chairman, Cllr Mills, has no time for the MP. And she speaks her mind.

  9. Kensington Resident17 February 2015 at 08:58

    It is excellent that the Dame has made her pages available to Parliamentary candidates at the forthcoming election. Readers, I am sure, would like to see, hear and compare.


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