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Thursday, 26 February 2015


A resident has written to the Dame asking whether she knew English Heritage, the useless quango charged with looking after our dwindling heritage had walked smack bang into a blatant conflict of interest in employing CapCo's architect, Richard Coleman.
EH retained Coleman to review Earls Court's heritage links.....
EH have granted a Certificate of Immunity allowing the South African's to smash Earls Court to the ground.
Before he took up the review Coleman had CapCo and planning specialists, DP9 as clients......

Still on seems CapCo and Boris and Peter Hendy's TfL have a discreet little JV in that other sunny place for shady people, tax resistant Jersey....
Their joint venture is based at 22 Seale St, St Helier.
It's good to know that Boris is saving us taxpayer's tax by basing the biz in Jersey.

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