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Thursday, 26 February 2015


Clare's carpet bag

There is an exquisite piece of nonsense in the Telegraph which you should read by clicking HERE

The thrust of the piece is that the voters of Kensington should accept a friend of Cameron's responsible for some of his more bizarre speeches.
And because she once drove a ice cream van she can spin she is working class!
But it's the impudence of Cameron that stuns.
He knows Kensington has been neglected by successive MP's, yet tries to foist another 'drop in' on us.
We need an MP who can hit the road who know the constituency inside out...and that is not this 'poet', Clare Foges

The comments on the Telegraph should be read: they are hilarious!


  1. Appalling. We've had more than enough of MPs who are uninterested in the well-being of their constituents. It is to be hoped that on this occasion the selection committee listens to residents and puts two well manicured fingers up to central office.

    By far the most qualified and popular candidate for this constituency is the tried and tested Victoria Borwick.

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    2. Cllr Palmer is briefing against Cllr Borwick again

    3. IN THE THICK OF IT26 February 2015 at 19:52

      This certainly does not have the hand of Palmer about it: no spelling errors.
      This really is barrel scraping stuff and doubtless written by an Irish admirer of Chicago pork barrel politics.
      So millionaires are to be excluded from the HoC? Well, it would certainly thin out 95% of the members!
      Only inveterate snobs such as Daniel Moylan would obsess about whether someone had a title or not. Who cares? Most would never know seeing as the lady never uses it.
      Fellow assembly members love Borwick with a passion only matched by their extreme dislike of Daniel Moylan. Could the problem be jealousy? If so, Daniel you need to do something about it.
      They know she gets things done by getting people behind her: the true mark of a leader. Daniel, on the other hand has to kick and bully people so that in the end they tire of him, as they did at Olympic Legacy.
      Let’s turn now to her position on K&C.....
      Anyone who made Cockell feel inferior, or worse, failed to support his folie de grandeur was side-lined or blocked. It happened to Robert Freeman and many others. Cockell loved to be surrounded by sycophants....Victoria Borwick is no sycophant.
      So why did Borwick find getting on the list difficult? Easy. Merrick Cockell and Shireen Ritchie(she was in charge of candidates) made sure that Borwick would be blocked at a national level.
      Let me end by citing an example of Daniel Moylan’s complex character.
      Someone asked him why he was not attending a debate on council housing. “I have no council housing in my ward”, was his reply.
      Victoria Borwick would never dream of not taking part for such a snobbish reason.
      Daniel Moylan divides and fails to rule.....

  2. Stuff Central Office. We have good home grown candidates of all shapes and sises

    1. Sounds like Shapps v Mills. I know where my money is

  3. Dear Cllr Mills
    If you and your committee succeed in standing up to Shapps this evening, your adoring public will carry you shoulder high along King's Road.

    For the sake of all K & C residents, please select the local girl - Victoria Borwick.
    Yours truly
    A. Resident

  4. There is just one candidate able to hit the ground running and it's Victoria Borwick

  5. Borwick has gone from 16:1 to 4:1 on the Ladbroke's list

  6. Kensington has had a chequered history of Parliamentary Representation.

    Residents do not need the dreadful Moylan, everywhere he goes he leaves a trail of destruction, he kills everything that is good about this Borough and gives a damn about no one but himself. His track record speaks loudly for itself on Exhibition Road.

    We are in a time that is delicately balanced in terms of all of our financial and social wellbeing and its time to be serious for everyones sake.

    The only candidate suitable for this job is Victoria Borwick, she doesn't brag, she is highly thought of by local residents, is fearless in her commitment to them and has something that is clearly missing from politics today....integrity.

    Victoria stood strongly behind the families during the Tri Borough Special Needs School Transport debacle, has worked tirelessly for residents on local issues and still managed to work for our larger London Community during the Olympics and the Queens Jubilee both of which made us all proud to be Londoners.

    But its not just the very public agendas that Victoria has worked with and for, she has also championed issues that are not so headline grabbing but which matter to people living working and raising children in London. These have included Access to Childcare, Children in Care, Mental Ill Health, Disability Hate Crime. Dementia and FGM. She has addressed issues such as Transport, Congestion, Reducing Fuel Poverty, London Ambulance Service and Policing. All things that matter to people from whatever backgrounds they come from.

    There is not one politician that has so far been muted for this very important position that has this wealth and breath of expertise as well as in-depth local knowledge and who most importantly cares about our community.

    If the selection committee does not select Victoria Borwick, they would yet again be making a dreadful mistake.


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