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Tuesday, 17 February 2015


There is no greater champion of the Chelsea we love than Heinz Schumi.
Like Heinz, many of us have landed up here from all parts of the world.
Why do we stay? Maybe because Chelsea has a special place in our hearts and lives.

Were a history of contemporary Chelsea to be written, Heinz would figure prominently: 
he loves Chelsea with sheer, undiluted passion.

When he warns that the very soul of Chelsea is being ripped from it we had better listen.

PLEASE READ here what he has to say about the proposed destruction of Sutton Buildings.

Chelsea Society, by backing the gross and greedy plans of the £290,000 a year boss of Affinity Sutton needs to consider its relevance, or look to the Kensington Society- a role model
The Chelsea Society is meant to be protecting Chelsea, not sleeping with its enemy.


  1. Heinz is a much better example of what epitomises the spirit of Chelsea,than those insipid leaches of councillors against whom he stood at the election, and the sycophantic self-serving snobs running the Chelsea Society.

  2. I hear they're about to apply for planning permission to convert Kensington Palace into luxury flats, for sale in the Far East. The sunken gardens will make a fine car park. In committee Cllrs Warwick and Mackover will cheerlead the project.

  3. Well done hein. A true chelseaite

  4. Just walk past heinzs old shop.heartbreaking. so sad that people can get away with community vandalism..


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