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Friday, 6 February 2015


Londoners know time is wasted arguing with cabbies: they love the last word!
A K&C resident, on a pedestrian crossing in Sloane St, narrowly escaped serious injury(or worse) when a black cab driver decided the middle aged pedestrian was in the way.
The poor, enfeebled old pedestrian weakly tapped the rear window to warn the driver.
Stopping in the midst of Sloane St traffic the driver jumped from his cab and shouted, I am going to f******g kill you”: something he had nearly succeeding in doing just minutes before.
Anyway, the old boy, surprised by the violence of the verbal and near physical reaction, decided to email the Deputy Secretary of the LTDA( the trade body for black cabbies).

Mr Oddy, the gent in question, replied to our old chap in the oddest of fashions.....

He suggested the Dame's elderly friend, by tapping the driver’s window, warning the driver he was imperilling a pedestrian, was, ‘taking the law into your own hands’ and it was “not the best course of action”. 
Oddly, Oddy went on to infer (and justify?) it might have accounted for the driver threatening extreme physical violence!

The Dame's old Bridge partner was more than surprised a £27,000 a year Tfl board member (that’s our Bob!)  could treat, with such insouciance, dangerous driving.

We really need to look at the TfL board...all sorts of useless nonentities being paid fees a FTSE 250 company would never dream of. 
Uber is far better and cheaper than London cabs so let's dump thick Bob and get a Uber driver on the board?
In fact, in a subsequent telephone conversation Bob, clearly Friday PM happy, monopolised the conversation as if our resident was back in the back of his cab...
Boring Bob peppered the conversation with ‘let me speak’ and are you on medication?

And when the resident said, “it could have been a mother and child caught on the crossing, Brain Box Bob replied, “ but, you’re not”!
So that’s ok then.... if you’re elderly don’t expect a cabbie to stop.
Use Uber....safer and cheaper!

Interestingly thick people on the TfL board......


  1. What is the Mayor doing paying an ex cabbie nearly £30,000 a year for a part time job.
    No wonder TfL is badly run

  2. My Mate the Cabbie6 February 2015 at 20:49

    Bob likes a good lunch......

  3. The Marquess of Loathing6 February 2015 at 21:06

    Excellent PR for black cabs and the TfL....well done Bob. You are worth every penny....that's irony!

  4. The more one hears about TFL the more worried one gets. Alarmed in fact. Rivals the K&C TMO for collecting and paying rubbish Board Members

  5. I met Bob at a TfL meet....harmless, but very dim

  6. Black Cabs will soon be history. Addison Lee happened because traditional London cabbies and their ancient tin pots did the usual monopoly thing. Out of touch, rude, overcharging. UBER is the new wave. Black Cabs are dust.

    We will have to endure the death rattle for a few more years as these reptiles slowly die and fade away. Even the company that made the taxis went bust!

    1. Free Market Enthusiast7 February 2015 at 10:38

      If TFL wants to get with it and build the London of the future they should retire "rude and stupid" Bob and get UBER to second one of their staff. For free.

    2. Not surprising Black Cabs went bust - most uncomfortable and primitive carriages

  7. Black Cabs boast that their drivers know London "like the back of their hand". Ha! Who needs it?

    Technology has moved things on. For less than £100 you can buy a sat nav system that even the most dumb can use. And get you there faster and cheaper. And no cheating!

    1. Can some kind person tell Bob please?

  8. TFL is a haven for beached whales like "Bob" and Moylan. They spout and flounder around, making everybody's life uncomfortable. And they waste tax payers money. Also a place where the Mayor can "buy off" troublesome individuals and park them.

  9. Bob Oddy is a most unfortunate looking person. Very aptly named "oddy". He was no doubt bullied at school but found comfort in the front of a cab shouting at passengers and then on one of TFL's paid Boardroom chairs taking the silver and abusing members of the public over the phone.

    We need less of these types in public life.

  10. Black Cabs are living on borrowed time. Extinction is inevitable. Cabbies need to plan their next careers. And the Chinese who bought the manufacturing company from the Receivers are screwed. UBER just killed their market.

    Hip, hip

    1. Hope that Bob Oddy is reading this. He might learn a thing or two


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