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Saturday, 14 February 2015


The Dame is always open to publishing reasonable stuff from residents; esecially at weekend when the old thing needs to take a break for some 'me time'.
This email to the Dame gives a very sensible rationale for TMO residents to help fight off ghastly Affinity Sutton's plans for Sutton Estate- a well loved part of old Chelsea.

Dear Dame

My great misfortune is to be a tenant of the TMO. 
But my misfortune might be greater if, as some have suggested, the Council consign the TMO portfolio to a housing association like the dreadful, bullying and blatantly dishonest Affinity Sutton.

The interests of TMO residents and those of Sutton Estate, and other Chelsea social housing, are very much aligned.
This is the reason I call upon TMO residents to support the Sutton Estate dwellers by doing two things....

1. Go to the Petition linked here DON'T DEMOLISH SUTTON ESTATE 

2. Go to the Dame's excellent piece on how the Chelsea Society have unilaterally given two fingers to the Sutton Estate residents. CHELSEA SOCIETY DOESN'T CARE

Us TMO residents need to get behind saving Sutton Estate. 
The last blogs on TMO got over 280 comments.
Let's make that happen for our friends at Sutton Estate.


Resident@the end of the world


  1. I have always warned that the TMO could go to a crooked housing association

    1. But the TMO is corrupt.

  2. The tenants of Social Housing landlords must stick together. The residents of the Sutton Estate deserve the support of TMO tenants and leaseholders and the support of Chelsea residents living in Peabody Trust and the Guinness Trust properties.
    It so not a matter of undisputed fact that the Sutton estate in Chelsea is beyond economic repair. The condition of properties owned by the Council in Elm Park Gardens were in a far worse condition having been neglected by RBKC for over fifty years from the 1950's to 2000. These properties have now undergone major works to bring them up to standard.

    Social Housing tenants be warned, if the Sutton Estate dwellers are seen off by Affinity Sutton, RBKC and its Councillors, then you could be unfairly shafted too.Unfortunately, RBKC Councillors, in the best traditions of Thatcherism seem hell bent on siding with monied interests knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing.

    It is one of the glories of this Country when a group of people come together to take on monied interests, the battalions of Affinity Sutton, RBKC, its Tory, Lib Dem and Labour Councillors (and its moribund TMO)

  3. Well said, Shane. With the less than enthusiastic attitude from the Chelsea Society, the Sutton residents need the support of every right thinking person living in Chelsea.

  4. Lord o' Merde14 February 2015 at 15:18

    Supporting Sutton Estate is not about politics: it's about preserving one of few reamining Chelsea 'institutions'. Most have been allowed to be destroyed bya council greedy to placate even greedier developers.
    The unctuous tribute in the Chelsea Society newsletter to that developer's mate, Jonathan Bore was typical of the Society kowtowing to the Establishment.

  5. Your Ever So Humble Servant14 February 2015 at 15:21

    My are right. Kowtowing to the Establishment is personified by the Society's previous chairman, Stuart Corbyn, ex CEO of Cadogan Estates and current chairman, Damian Greenish, Lord Cadogan's virtual in-house lawyer.


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