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Sunday, 8 February 2015


The Dame is sometimes accused of not publishing readers' missives critical of her stance on certain issues.
Well, it's not true, though she did have thoughts about censoring this very abrasive attack upon her.
She hopes that the Borough Commander will come back with a swift riposte to the rude Mr Edmonds.

Dear Hornet's Nest

I read with astonishment your glowing testimonial to the Borough Commander's efforts to curb speedsters careering around the narrow streets of the Borough, at great speed and at exhaust noise levels well in excess of legal limits.
And Chief Superintendent's pathetic claim many resident drivers were as guilty as those from oil rich Middle East countries made me laugh.
Who is the woman trying to kid?

Those of us in the worst affected areas are not blind....we can see Arabic number plates on the Lamborghinis and Ferraris that drive us all mad.

It's clear Ellie O' Connor has decided that she does not want to pursue the real cause of the problem.

The Dame herself has made the suggestion that the police could quite easily use radar guns on the main drags to catch offenders and prosecute them for dangerous driving. 
Why, therefore is the Borough Commander spouting nonsense by saying she has to consult with useless councillors to bring law and order to our streets?

Perhaps, Dame Hornet, you should stop being so obsequious to the Borough police; tell them to stop prevaricating and gets some late night mobile radar patrols on the job.
It's outrageous that rich foreign tourists are allowed to make our lives hell. 
There have already been serious accidents on our streets caused by speeding supercars....DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, BOROUGH COMMANDER...NOW! 

Yours sincerely

Peter Edmonds


  1. It does seem odd, Dame that you have not pressured the police into immediate action: after all, how difficult is it to set up a speed trap on Brompton Rd or Park Lane or Sloane St. I suspect the police have been told not to upset our Middle Eastern owners!

  2. Edmonds is correct. High time to crackdown on the infidels from Arabia. All of them. And especially the Qatri crowd of primitives

  3. Fine, but it isn't only the 'infidels from Arabia' driving like crazy MEN around the streets. Suddenly it has become the norm for every Tom Dick and Harry with access to an overpowered car to drive around the borough, south and north, as if it was a race-track. Eventually, someone will die. Let's stop this before it happens.

    1. Trash them all. But it is the ones on foreign number plates with gormless looking youngsters that get up my nose. Cars that cost too much and would be impossible to insure for even rich British sprogs

  4. Well said, Sir

  5. Are you reading this blog Borough Commander? We want action this day

  6. Are you reading this blog Borough Commander? We want action this day

  7. It is entirely possible that word has gone out from City Hall (that well known lover of rich Arabs) that the police should turn a blind eye to those who menace our streets. The Chief Superintendent would do well to dwell on what has just happened in Rotherham. For years the police turned a blind eye. But the chickens are coming home to roost.

  8. There's a good deal of paranoia here. This is not just about the Qataris. The reality is that with very few exceptions, no one needs a car in Kensington or Chelsea. There's public transport aplenty, including taxis and for longer journeys one can join a car club. Leaving tens of thousands of pounds worth of metal sitting by the roadside for 90% of the time is a waste of valuable urban space and public as well as private money.

    1. Quite right Urbane. The earth used to be flat as well

    2. Those were the days that I wish for again


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