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Monday, 23 February 2015


Jack Straw's behaviour is as heinous as Malc Rifkind. 
If Straw had a connection with the Borough he would have got the same kicking.

When the Dame wrote what Malc described as an 'awfully polite' article about him he neglected, in his reply, to address the matter of his myriad non executive directorships...typical politician/ lawyer!

Interestingly, Malc and his best friend, Sir Pooter Cockell have much in common. 
Both grabbed every chance to make as much money as possible: Malc thorough his many NED's and Pooter by garnering as many local government sinecures as he could.
But, then who but an idiot would wish to pay an ex fag salesman for advice.

Malcolm and Pooter are peas in a pod....


  1. Time to stick a fork in Sir Malcolm because he's done.

  2. Both Straw and Rifkind are highly intelligent men. Yet neither had the wit, as others did, first just to check the bona fides of this scam company, so blinded were they by venality and greed. Let us hope that, as in the case of Sir Merrick, their peerages have been now put onto a very long finger. And for demonstrating such crass stupidity, Sir Malcolm should now be replaced by a new candidate for Kensington.

  3. A sitting MP with plenty of free time. His goose is cooked.

  4. It takes an extraordinary degree of hubris for the beneficiary of the largest Tory majority in the UK to find himself in real danger of losing his parliamentary seat.

    Unless I'm mistaken, he's a QC - the brightest of the bright. The gods do indeed make fools of us all.

  5. Have just watched Malc on C4 Despatches. He claims that 75% of his time is devoted to constituency issues! Yet no one in K & C has ever met anyone who will confirm that he's lifted a finger to help them. This is a deep conundrum, particularly since Malc simultaneously claims to have a great deal of free time. Something doesn't add up.

  6. Rifkind has not held a single surgery for his constituents since he became the MP for Kensington,
    Cockell has not held a single surgery for his constituents since he became a ward councillor.
    They have both used their public positions to enrich themselves
    Are they by any chance related

  7. Having just watched the Ch 4 Despatches programme as well, I have to say (suppressing my glee) the man is a goner. What a pathetic performance. And he tries to justify his actions, as he protested in response to the Dame's recent invite. Self-serving to the end, and deluded enough to believe himself. The goose is well cooked or, as followers of this site will know, totally over-cooked. Where is is the integrity? Time for Malc to come in from all his public appointments. I wonder who the next shoo-in MP will be.

  8. What have we come to in RBK&C.
    When I moved into my current residence in Chelsea 54 years ago, the likes of Rifkind and the Cockle Picker would not have been tolerated in office.
    Two greedy bastards !. I've given up hope for anything better in my lifetime - Sad.


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