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Friday, 20 February 2015


Back in November, Angela McConville was showing off to all who would listen at Westway that she had a sponsor to take over the Stables site.
So why was she playing cat and mouse with poor Sarah in the intervening months? Why did she pretend that  Sarah's unique contribution to the community could be saved?
McConville's actions stink of rank duplicity.

In November 2014 McConville had lined up this curious organisation Gumball 3000. All the lies in the Westway statement are just that....LIES

This is what one journalist had to say about McConville's new best they say, you are judged by the company you keep....

"I came here to get a glimpse of the Gumball 3000, an annual celebration of wealth, exotic machinery, and a casual disrespect for traffic laws whose ragtag list of sponsors includes Uber, YouTube, MTV, Krispy Kreme, and Grenco Science, makers of the G Pen marijuana vaporizer. It’s a rally on public roads — think Cannonball Run, but real — and this year, participants are driving from Miami to the Mediterranean island of Ibiza, stopping briefly in New York to hop a plane across the Atlantic (yes, cars too)."


  1. What has Gumball 3000 got to do with North Kensington apart from having an office there? What do they bring to the local community? Nothing that's what, I only hope this doesn't happen as the stables have been an integral part of the community for such a long time bringing loads to the people who live there

  2. What to they bring to any society, beyond adding to greenhouse gases?

    The Westway Trust was born of the devastation caused to residents by carving a path for the elevated A40 through North Kensington. The Trust was and is meant to compensate local residents in some small way for the damage done to the area in the past. Instead, it's now bent on destroying the modest recovery that's been made over the years. A disgrace.

  3. Good for you, Dame for exposing this scurrilous bit of smoke-room dealing! And good for you for highlighting the revived campaign to save the Stables! I live just around the corner from the horse arena where I see people 6 to 76 learning and practicing their horse-riding skills. Children gain coordination, self confidence, physical prowess, knowledge of animals and how to guide and handle them. The thought that Scumball - sorry Gumball - an enabler of elitist petrolhead romps across the globe should for one moment be given preference to the existing equestian offering is sad, scandalous and plain SICK! Thank you for helping one person aware of the travesty - one we can still, hopefully, prevent.


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