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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Some Nonsense From Cockell

An astute reader pointed out to the Dame that Pooter Cockell is desperately trying to raise his game by boring national journalists with his ludicrous thoughts. Here is one example....

Cockell tells the Daily Telegraph:

Clawing back money from those shown to have overcharged the taxpayer is an attractive idea. Councils wouldn’t hesitate to explore the possibility of reclaiming money that would be better spent on aged care or libraries.

Our reader poses the logical question...."So does that mean that Cockell is going to pay back his vast allowances to the tax payer and stop the shameful waste of money by the Tri-Borough PR Department?

By the way, whilst on the subject would dear readers, when commenting on Pooter's friend Cllr Coleman, be wary of making any potentially litigious comments. Coleman loves to threaten people with his lawyers, yet has no problems making unpleasant and unfounded comments about Ted Heath and his sexual proclivities. But then Heath is dead so cannot defend himself.


  1. and what about Crapita and NSL?
    They are both ripping off Pooter Cockell on finance management and parking.
    But we all know that suppliers find RBK&C an easy win when it comes to overcharging. Look at the Exhibition Rd rip off

  2. When is Pooter going to repay the $200 that he charged to take a "friend" to dinner in New York on Saturday night? And the $416 that he charged to take disgraced person Clement to dinner at Keanes in New York?

  3. The more I hear about Cllr Coleman the less I like the sound of him. Funny how these guys like to reach for their lawyers.

    Disgraced ex Cllr Phelps (he with no money and multiple offshore bank accounts) was a dab hand at reaching for his lawyers too. Until he was fired for sending lewd images of young boys via the Council computer system.

  4. Cllr Cockell is a noted over charger. Like traveling frequently to New York, Boston and San Francisco by Virgin First Class. And charging up to K&C tax payers.

    He should travel coach, like the rest of us.

    When he finds a way to make his own money (remember he is a failed businessman) then he can use the profits to indulge himself. But until then, while he lives off the hard work of tax payers, he should restrain himself.

    Come to think of it, what on earth does a local Govt employee need to travel to America for?

  5. The answer, 16.40, is "jollies". And the chance to blow some tax payers cash on entertaining friends at expensive restaurants out of sight and out of mind.

    Thank heavens that FOI and the Dame put paid to the abuse.

  6. And don't forget the elegant accounting scam of "using the Bentley to save taxi fares"


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