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Friday, 25 May 2012

Puffed Up Pooter

 The Dame is receiving much comment about Pooter Cockell's inappropriate speech at the Mayor making ceremony . Normally such a speech would be devoted to tributes to the incoming Mayor. Expectedly, the socially inept Pooter took the opportunity to blow his own trumpet about some of the more outrageous abuses of taxpayer's money...Holland Park School-behind schedule; over budget and providing not one extra pupil space....The £30 million Exhibitionist Road-already soiled and tired looking and proving a dangerous battleground between motorists and pedestrians. And then he started to trumpet about "his website" and the wide support that he had received to rename Kensal Rise Station "Portobello Station" and how he had set aside £30 million to pay for the new station. Oh...he forgot to mention that the station has already moved to Hammersmith and "his website" is just more hot air.
The last few years of his leadership have seen shocking scandals. Expenses abuse on a heroic scale...councillors being forced to resign over child pornography.... safe seats lost and morale amongst councillors at a all time low.
The normally equable Cllr Robert Atkinson succinctly summed up the Pooter reign as  similar to that of Mubarak.
The Dame hears that the younger councillors feel depressed and demotivated. If true it is time they rose up and kicked the fatuous and self serving Pooter out.
We all know how he needs his taxpayer funded £130,000 a year, but that is insufficient reason for the residents of this Borough to endure a Leader who has lost his way and is an embarrassment.
The rotten nature of his Rotten Borough is summed up by his insistence that Phelps, fired for his disgusting, perverted emails, be welcomed at the Mayor making ceremony. As the odious Phelps was prone to say, “you could not make it up”!
Just to remind people of the interests of Cockell's great friend and supporter, the disgraced Phelps: here is another of his emails sent out on his RBK&C laptop using the Town Hall server system. Yes, really are judged by your friends.
Pooter continually reassures dissident and nervous councillors that no one reads the Dame. Well, as she comes up to her first 100,000 unique visitors we know he must be dissembling.
Phelps Caption Removed On The Grounds Of Decency


  1. Whatever their instructions and whatever they say, councillors of all three parties read The Hornet. The Royal Borough is a rotten fruit that will fall in due course. Those supposedly in power are powerless to prevent residents learning of the endless abuses emanating from Hornton Street. Thanks to The Dame, the truth circulates electronically, at social gatherings and in the street. The time will surely come when the current incumbents will be sent packing. All that is required is for voters to take a long hard look at their choices, at the appropriate time. Only then will we rid ourselves of the current disgraceful crew.

  2. Phelps child porn circulation on the Council computer is the tip of the iceberg in the Concervative benches in Kensington and Chelsea. Phelps, Lamont and Daley were booted out as Councillors. But more cleaning needs to be done. Much more

  3. The police should carry out searches of hard disk drives of all K&C Conservative councillors.

  4. The filth extends to the Liberals as well. The Dame has seen copies of Phelps emails sent on the Council computer and one of his friends includes a senior official of the Liberal Party

  5. Angry Resident25 May 2012 at 11:43

    This is a very big problem in the K&C Conservative Party. Let us examine the evidence. Phelps was brazen enough to circulate his filth to fellow councillors and friends on the Council computer system. When a resident complained to the Standards Committee (stuffed with Cockell stooges)they brushed it aside. It required a police reference to the Chief Executive (Derek Myers) to trigger action.

    Disgraced ex councillor Daley was one of those on Phelps email distribution and Myers insisted that he should be booted out as well. He was. But in a micro second he was brought back into the Conservative organisation and given a job in 1A Chelsea Manor Street.

    The police informed the Town Hall that they were investigating Cllr Lamont for child porn offenses and Cllr Cockell took control. He masterminded a cover up, sent Lamont home on full pay, concealed the truth, did not tell fellow Ward councillors and the Governors of a school where Lamont was a Governor, what was going on. The Conservatives even brought Lamont back to vote at a Council meeeting so that he would not fall foul of "absence" rules. He was only booted out when a police prosecution was announced.

    For more than a year angry residents have complained to Cllr Cockell, the Cabinet and Ward councillors that it is wrong to continue to send invitations to disgraced ex Cllr Phelps to attend publicly funded functions at the Town Hall. The boring reply has always been that "it is not possible to stop this"

  6. Angry Resident. What they said is even worse. 'he was never charged'. So that makes the vile images all right then.

  7. Why is Angry Resident surprised that "muppets" are routinely ignored by the Leader and Cabinet of K&C? This has been going on for many years.

    The Council has become so inbred, rarefied, self satisfied, and concerned with its own "club" and club rules, that it is no longer necessary to "ignore resident views"

    The reality is that resident views are not even noticed!

  8. There is a huge and urgent need for a new Leader in K&C. A person with moral values, a concern for residents, and a true Conservative who will slim down, wake up, and turn around the decayed and corrupted Conservative group

  9. Retired Chief Executive25 May 2012 at 11:53

    In my experience rotten organisations often include good, able and capable people. But we are all creatures of the systems and controls of the organisations that we belong to.

    This is why Chief Executives and Leaders are so important. Of course the bottom line is vital. But it is more than this. Leaders are responsible for the tone and values of an organisation. It determines how individuals behave

  10. Retired Chief Executive hits the nail on the head.

    "I am off to New York chaps and will buy my mates slap up meals at the best restaurants. Flying First Class of course. And charging up to the muppets."

    "How inconvenient that some troublesome muppet stumbled on Phelps emails. Just a little local difficulty - we will rehabilitate my friend in no time at all"

    Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink

  11. With a Leader like Cockell, it should be no surprise to anyone that disgraced ex councillor Phelps feels it is quite in order to use the council computer to distribute his child porn.

    After all, anything goes in this Town Hall culture. And Cockell is his best friend.

  12. Fly On The Wall25 May 2012 at 12:01

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. There is a new Chairman of the Conservatives in Kensington and Chelsea. His name is Mathew Carrington.

    Come on Mathew. Your Party needs you

  14. Mr Carrington was a distinguished MP for Hammersmith and Fulham. Respected by all parties.

    Lets hope that he acts quickly to sort out the lost Leadership in Hornton Street

  15. 11.43, the Lamont cover up was even more cynical. "It was made known" that Lamont had been given "compassionate leave" from the Council because he was having a divorce and was "stressed out"

  16. 12.20, does this mean that fellow Ward Councillors and Norland residents were deceived?

  17. Residents!

    To get rid of the man, all you need to do is register at When we get 50,000 registrations, we will run a "No Confidence" campaign against Cockell, and all you have to do is vote him out!

    Phone 07799647160

  18. Some time ago the Dame suggested that Conservative Councillors should set up a 2012 Committee of backbenchers, along the lines of the 1922 Committee in Westminster. The idea is that backbenchers would have the opportunity to call for a vote of No Confidence in the Leader without the danger and terror that individual actions might attract. There is a culture of fear, recrimination and vindictiveness operating in Hornton Street.

    The idea was originally suggested to the Dame by a serving Conservative councillor.

    There are serious accusations in this blog about the Leeaders behaviour with regard to invitations sent to Phelps to attend official functions.

    Democracy is to be treasured at all costs. There are tried and tested procedures to defend democracy. In this instance it is appropriate for the Chief Whip, Cllr Ahern, to convene a meeting of the Conservative Group to give Cllr Cockell the opportunity to respond fully to the concerns expressed by the Hornet

  19. The Dame is doing a great service to residents by exposing the vile emails sent by Phelps to fellow councillors and friends on the Hornton Street computer system. Everyone needs to be clear that these emails were in the possession of Cllr Cockel and Derek Myers after they were investigated by the police.

    Residents can now judge for themselves whether it is appropriate for the Leader to continue to approve invitations to Phelps to attend official functions and whether it was appropriate for the Chairman of the Conservatives (Cllr Buckmaster) to appoint ex Cllr Daley to an official position in Chelsea Manor Street soon after he was fired as a councillor

  20. The Council was quick to rush out a Press Release telling us that the new Mayor is a graduate of the University of Oxford in Politics, Philosophy and Economics.

    Well a graduate of the University of Oxford in the subject of Politics, Philosophy and Economics should know better than to invite disgraced ex Cllr Phelps to attend as an official guest at his Mayor making

  21. As usual it is form over function in K&C.

    Cllr Cockell is one of those curious people in public life who offers himself for high office with no qualifications whatsoever. But he likes to have an Oxford lad on the ticket

  22. Lord Kensington25 May 2012 at 15:40

    This whole blog is too awful for words. Hardly believable.

    Cockell needs to set the record straight

  23. Cllr Ahern to summon a special meeting of the Conservative Group to consider the accusations in the Hornet?? You must be smoking something 13.54

    The day that Paddy stands up to be counted, the house will fall down in shock

  24. Phelps shouldn't be invited to anything.

    Whether Daley should be running campaigns is another matter..but what would have happened if he hadn't been involved in this past election.

    Is there anyone in K and C and the Fulham wards who would have motivated the activists to do their bit...

  25. An absolute disgrace, Phelps has no right to attend events such as the Mayors 'do'. He lost that right when he brought the Royal Borough into disrepute by sending these horrendous emails. It continues to beggar belief that the only people who don't understand the seriousness of these images are people who are supposed to be responsible for the running of this Borough, who have a child protection and adult safeguarding department to explain it to them even if their own moral compasses don't alert them. Residents are watching this in horror these creeps are meant to represent us, it's about time one of them stood up for what is right. AND his crest should be also taken down from the walls of the Mayors parlour.

  26. I completely agree with a number of the comments above, Phelps is a disgrace and should sod off. As for Cockell, he lost his way a long time ago and really needs to move along for a fresh start in K&C.
    As for Daley though, I think he is being unfairly treated. He was, as Justin Downes has repeatedly said, caught up in this matter without knowing and paid a very heavy price by having to resign at Cockell's insistence. Daley was well known for his independence of mind and not afraid to ask questions or stand up for his opinions and Cockell is equally well known for disliking Daley for this. Given his appointment heading up election campaigns and his successful track record so far, he has been welcomed back by the party. So much so that I understand he was recently seen at No.10 at the invitation of the Prime Minister. Clearly Daley is on his way up while Cockell's career and reputation continues to nose-dive. Perhaps poetic justice for Daley.

    Should Daley make a come back and stand again?

  27. I heard that the odious Phelps fancied Daley (a new gay councillor, fresh meat) and was making unwanted advances.

    Very difficult situation for Daley

  28. Person Familiar With The Situation28 May 2012 at 10:24

    I have great sympathy for Daley, who was a Conservative Councillor.

    With the K&C Town Hall in the control of a gay mafia, and Phelps being a senior Councillor and very close to the Leader, Cockell, a tricky situation for Daley.

    Hard for a new and ambitious Conservative Councillor to make waves about this kind of workplace harassment

  29. Another failure of Leadership

    Cockell is the worst thing that could possibly have happened to K&C


  30. I must say, this has developed into an interesting thought: should Daley make a return to the Council chamber in 2014?

    He has, from what we can make out, been the victim of filthy Phelps' actions and the vindictive paranoia of Cockell but in his few years, he had a reasonably good record for hard work in his ward and for having the balls to speak out and voice his opinion when it mattered. By 2014 he will have been out of public office for four years having spent the time winning elections for the Tories and accepting Prime Ministerial invitations to Downing Street. He is clearly, as has been pointed out, highly regarded by the Tory party but do we want him back at the Town Hall around here?

    My thoughts are that he was one of the better councillors from the 2006 intake and should probably be given another go....after all he can't be any worse than some of the useless goons we have now.

    Anyone else have any thoughts on Daley's possible return?

    Is anyone in touch with him to be able to offer an informed opinion on the matter?

  31. My view has always been-and I have expressed it directly to MD-that he was an dragged into this by Phelps. If Phelps had any decency he would have made that clear, rather dragging down Daley with him.
    The images Phelps sent out were clearly only of interest to those interested in very young boys. Everything I know-and have heard of Mark is that he has nil interest in underage boys. I leave others to judge Phelps and his proclivities.

    Mark should be welcomed back with opened arms and I hope the Dame will support him.
    Justin Downes

  32. A resident of Earls Court has reported that Phelps (one time Councillor of Earls Court) was also know for sexually harassing residents that he took a fancy to

  33. Retired Chief Executive28 May 2012 at 13:50

    This is an incredible story. The mark of a good Leader is that he "knows his troops". Phelps and Lamont were close colleagues and foot soldiers for Cockell for many years, including his fourteen years as Leader of K&C. It is strange that he did not spot anything wrong - not with one Councillor, but with two!

    He allowed Lamont to be elected to become a School Governor and he allowed Daley (perhaps) to be sexually harassed by Phelps??

    Either Cockell was complicit, or ignorant, or tolerant of the libertine behaviour that has become a byword in Hornton Street

    This is not the kind of person that K&C residents need at the helm. Particularly in these difficult times

  34. Person Familiar With The Situation28 May 2012 at 13:53

    Retired Chief Executive, its not only two Councillors

  35. It is difficult to argue with the logic of Retired Chief Executive, who has presumably encountered similar situations that needed to be sorted out

  36. The need could not be clearer.

    Why don't the dumb Conservative Councillors get rid of Cockell and select a new Leader?

  37. Because they are dumb Conservative Councillors, stupid.

  38. We need an answer to the question of "Why was Daley on the circulation of Phelps porn emails?"

    Could Phelps enlighten us?

  39. Maybe Phelps could tell the Chairman of the Conservative Association, Mathew Carrington

  40. I should imagine Mark Daley has asked himself many time over the last year or two as to why he was being sent pictures of young boys by creepy Phelps. Perhaps as someone says above, could the former Mayor enlighten us?

    Justin, you say you are in contact with Mark Daley. I think it's clear we are all beginning to wonder if he is considering a return. Have you discussed this matter with him and are you in a position to divulge the general thrust yet and reveal Daley's thoughts on the matter?

  41. 19:27

    I don't have much topical to say as my last message to him was many months ago. At the time I gained the impression that he felt so badly treated that he had given up the idea of seeking re-election. A huge shame as he is entirely innocent in this affair and was made a scapegoat. All I know is that Ward residents thought him a terrific chap. People like Phelps do such damage-in every way.
    Let's hope that Mark gets back on course. He would have been an ideal choice for Brompton

    Justin Downes

  42. Perhaps we should start a campaign to push for Mark Daley to stand again.

    Who's wants to start a petition?

  43. Perhaps the Dame could have a poll on here to see how popular the idea of Mark Daley returning would be?

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