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Friday, 25 May 2012

RBKC Set To Lose £75,000 Costs In Public Nightclub Case

Is the Dame mellowing? She is about to congratulate the Rotten Borough on a famous victory against spivvy nightclub operators, Howard Spooner and the odd looking Royal hanger on and social alpinist, Guy Pelly.
Correctly the Council, under great pressure from hardworking local neighbours, did the right thing and successfully applied to restrict opening hours. At last 'wage slave' neighbours, who rise at 6.00am-unlike the dissolute and indolent clientele of Public- can manage to get a couple of hours sleep.

But it could be a Pyrrhic Victory.... sources close to the Dame suggest Spooner and friends may liquidate their operating company. If they do the costs awarded against them will have to be paid by you and I, the poor old taxpayer.
Pelly, who looks an awful little pest (sorry Ludo, I know he is a friend) whined that his hardworking neigbours were 'killjoys' spoiling the fun of his drunken, dissolute, workshy friends- most the products of very minor public schools.
Pelly..Son of Toyota Car Salesman


  1. ''Minor public schools'. Is this a reference to Pooter, or is his too low grade even for that?

  2. No, Pooter was at what is politely termed an 'independent' school. Actually, it was closed down as a result of sexual child abuse

  3. Very sad if K&C have to pick up the tab for legal costs. For once, Hornton Street did ABSOLUTELY the right thing. It listened to residents and used the levers to help them out. Lets have more of this.

    If Pelly and his odious partner Spooner do try to be clever and dodge the costs which they caused, then we will need lots of publicity to expose just how much of a pest he and his Royal friends (Harry and William) have become. And how scandalous it is that spoiled sprogs with small brains boast about spending £1,000 on bottles of Cristal while running up legal costs for hard pressed rate payers

  4. Note to Cockell

    When you rub shoulders with the Duke of Cambridge at the opening of Holland Park School, a quiet word would be in order to tell the Duke that Residents of the Royal Borough (where he also has a home) should not be held hostage by his mate Pelly.

  5. Nothing new in this it's typical of people who know how to work the system and by this I don't mean people on benefits, this is the posh way to avoid paying what you owe get daddy's advisors to let you know how to do it. And in the not too distant future they will be politicians.

  6. Kensington Resident26 May 2012 at 08:45

    8.43, Uriah Heap could never approach Will in this way. It will all be hands wringing and grovelling

    Sorry Pooter......

  7. A little Establishment pressure at this early stage should be exerted. BEFORE the toad Pelly lets his pathetic vehicle go bust.

    The Baroness Hanham should have a quiet word with you know who. Along the lines that "it would not be appropriate for residents of the Royal borough to pick up the legal costs caused by PUBLIC"

  8. This is clearly a job for Cabinet Member for Civil Society, Cllr Rock Fielding-Mellen.He needs to take on the urgent task of briefing Baroness Hanham on the facts of the case so that she has the details at hand for some Establishment diplomacy.

    Rock could also do something useful for a change and get his well connected family to have a quiet word or three with the Palace.

  9. As usual, Owl hits the nail on the head. Cllr Fielding-Mellen needs to understand that duty is more than a fair weather activity. He needs to use his privilege and access to help those that he represents.

    Otherwise he is a hollow vessel.

  10. Lots of hollow vessels in K&C Cabinet

  11. 8.43 is clearly expecting that pigs will fly

  12. Toyota car salesman!

    New money rubbing shoulders with the Royals. They are the worst

  13. Derek Myers and the licensing team in Hornton Street need to be clear in their minds that Pelly and Spooner are unsuitable people to hold an entertainment license in the Borough in future. Either directly or via their friends. This needs to be rigorously enforced.

    No "bring back" Phelps style, which is a tendency in this Town Hall.

    There must be no "wink, wink" and "nudge, nudge", they are "friends of Royals"

  14. The Dame has already exposed the weakness of Pooter Mubarak for trolly dollies (the infamous case of the trolly dolly and part time porn star that Pooter proposed as a council candidate for the recent Qheensgate Ward election). The scandal was exposed by the Dame (another triumph) and the trolly dolly was sent packing. Which incidentally created a job opportunity for young Clr Mosley.

    This is a good opportunity for Pooter Mubarak to call the ex trolly dolly in Berkshire and ask her to have a word with her son in law about his awful friend Pelly.

    Go on Mubarak, you know how much you like the indirect approach

  15. Dame,is there any truth in the rumour that Pelly has been/is being considered as a Conservative candidate for the K&C council?

    He is supposed to be friendly with some of the well connected youngsters already on the Tory back benches

  16. 8:57
    "privilege and access" is what Fielding Mellen used to secure his own place on the Council. We need real Councillors with knowledge and integrity to represent us.
    Fielding Mellen despises residents and their views.

  17. Angry Resident26 May 2012 at 10:14

    If Cllr Mosley is friendly with the prat Pelly then he should pass the word that it would be extremely unwise to try and shaft K&C residents more than he has done already

  18. What a silly blog this is. A bunch of Socialist inspired kill joys

  19. Puritans in libertine London, more like

  20. 10:18

    Stop whining: we won and you got your
    parvenu(probably a word in your infinite ignorance you would not understand!) arses kicked.
    The Council need to punish Pelly and his spiv friend Spooner if they try to open up in our Borough

  21. Hillgate Resident26 May 2012 at 14:07

    It is a scandal that the Council allowed PUBLIC to open in the first place in a concentrated residential neighborhood. Publicans and night club owners do not give a stuff for residents - they just want to make money. And for years they have engaged with a compliant K&C Council who employ masses of highly paid staff to wring their hands and moan "we can do nothing, its out of our hands". (If it is out of their hands then there is no point taxpayers employing them and paying them high salaries).

    The Hillgate Pub is a case in point. Years of fighting, urinating and snorting coke off Range Rover bonnets at midnight. Can residents get action from the Council? "Its out of our hands"

    However the closure of PUBLIC is an early win for senior Cabinet member Cllr Ahern who has set the tone by stating that the Council needs to become more "resident friendly". That is his stated mission. And of course when Leaders set the tone, the troops follow. (Pooter, take note).

    Ahern is not noted for his follow through and easily forgets his promises. So Cllr Mosely has promised to be his minder and keep him on his toes regarding his basement promise to "resolve the issue by the end of 2012" (Ref Public statement at February 2012 Council Meeting).

    Lets see

  22. 14.07 is another joker who expects pigs to fly

  23. If Pelly has the nerve to charge £1,000 for a bottle of champagne at his clubs and his silly customers (indulging with daddy's money) are stupid enough to pay this price, then there is more than enough money to pay the Council's £75k bill for cleaning up their dog mess

  24. What on earth are the young Royals doing associating with this lot?

  25. Your readers might like to know that Ken @ Chelsea are partly responsible for not getting their costs as the allowed the odious Spooner, he of many liquidated companies, to put the licence in the name of his old company and not the one that carried on the business of Public Club.

    In any event, it probably wouldn't have made a difference as once the license was cut to Midnight - bang went the business and so there is no income from which to pay the costs.

  26. 14.36 furnishes more evidence of a lax ship at Hornton Street with no quality control and the "anything goes" atmosphere. Just turn up to work and take the pay.

    Myers, you have to raise your game.

  27. Pelly and Spooner definitely have to be black listed. They are not fit and proper people to conduct business in the Royal Borough.

    And the Royals need to be shamed too. The Andrew gene has clearly migrated to the youngsters

  28. Retired Chief Executive26 May 2012 at 14:49

    This is an interesting thread. I often found in business that Leaders who become preoccupied with grand designs (eg the tri-Borough) lose sight of their primary purpose and fail to manage the fundamentals. It is a culture that needs to be ruthlessly curtailed

  29. Let us be clear. All this wringing of hands and "nothing can be done" is double speak for "we do not want to do anything" so far as the Council is concerned.

    But Cllr Ahern has shown the way. "Be resident friendly" he said and the foot soldiers acted decisively. PUBLIC was closed down. Lets not waste time analyzing how it was done. The nuisance has gone and residents can sleep at night.

    So the graduate of the University of Oxford and Cambridge, with a degree in Politics Philosophy and Economics, currently parading as Mayor (for the second time, courtesy of his Master Pooter Mubarak) take note. Both of you.

    No more invitations to disgraced ex Cllr Phelps to attend Town Hall functions. Just send out the instruction and no invitations will be sent.

  30. ohhh what a shame Pippa will be so dissapointed!

  31. What an ugly looking fellow is Pelly


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