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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Barkhordar-A Champion of Democracy?

"I will work tirelessly to make sure that local residents' interests come first. I will work closely with the police to crack down on pedicabs, supercars etc etc etc" 

What knows he of democracy?
  So says Abbas Barkhordar, the candidate for Brompton Ward. But we expect more-not the same recycled old drivel: doubtless dreamed up by Jonathan Frazer-Howells, the local agent
J F-H is an old friend of 'young boy obsessed', dirty old man and ex cllr and ex Mayor Barry Phelps.
Last time around J F-H tried to foist a gay porn star BA trolly dolly on Brompton Ward! Luckily, the Dame put a stop to that!
This time he has come with the exotically named Iranian, Abbass Barkhordar.

Little is known of the young man. The Dame thinks that he comes of very non democratic Iranian/Marxist stock.... unsurprising....Iran and democracy have always been strangers.
So let's hope Abbass will try to demonstrate his democratic credentials by being a lion-not a sheep- in standing up Cockell and his clique.

The Dame is going to keep a beady eye on the young fella'!


  1. Well said Dame.

    Thank goodness residents have someone looking out for them

  2. This is going to be fun. The idea of an Iranian councillor taking a stand against noisy supercars being raced around the Borough late at night by his country folk, especially in the month of August, has to be a joke.

    Especially alongside fellow Ward councillors, the polo playing "boy" Marshall and night club loving "babe" Mosley

  3. Lord Kensington26 May 2012 at 17:39

    Rum bunch

  4. I am puzzled. The population of Brompton Ward is getting older and older. But the representative Councillors of Brompton Ward are getting younger and younger.

    Have I missed something?

    Communication and empathy is the stuff of democracy. Are these the best foundations to help Councillors and residents connect up?

  5. Anyone with a modicum of common sense would realise that when the bent copper Ali D put himself up as chair of the Black Police Officers Association he did so to gain a platform. So stop being an arsehole claiming the comment was racist:it was not. It was a comment about his cynicism in using black officers to power himself forward. And don't talk such crap Iranians are not black; they hate the Jews;despise black people and consider Arabs uncouth and ill educated. I have many Iranian friends and so I know.
    The Shah was a corrupt and evil man and his successors are no better

  6. Why isn't Justin "chicken" Downes standing,

    He lives in the ward, he pays for this web site, and he writes on it.

    Why is he so scared of putting his name to the ballot paper ?

  7. 00:50
    It might have something to do with the fact that he does not live in the Ward! And why would he bother? He is far more dangerous and far more influential outside this corrupt council.
    From what I gather Downes won a Labour held County Council seat at the age of 21, so I don't putting up against a kid would worry him too much. Especially, having built up a rather large international group-something existing cllrs have never done....
    But do we really know who writes for the Dame? There seem many poking fun at the sad Pooter.

  8. What on earth does an Iranian, a polo player and a night clubber have in common with the residents of Brompton?

    The Tories will get out our formidable election machine and the usual rump of 10% will vote on autopilot. The other 90% realising what a total charade and waste of democracy local Govt in K&C has become.

    The boxes will be ticked and another (Tory) bum will use up space in Hornton Street

    But of course the whole opportunity for democracy is blown to smithereens. Councillors need to make a (good) difference for residents. No more and no less. If they do not, then it is all a waste of time.

  9. Scribe makes a fair point.

    If Pooter Mubarak had his way last time around the Councillor line up for Brompton Ward would have been an Iranian, a polo player and a gay porn actor.

    It was only a vigorous campaign by the Dame that exposed the attempt to augment the gay benches in the council chamber

  10. Why on earth don't the aging voters of Brompton wake up to what is going on?

  11. There is a persistent rumour that Pooter has made an informal approach to Guy Pelly to become a local council candidate for K&C. His Royal connections and pretty face make him an irresistible catch for our socially desperate Leader

  12. It is incredible that the residents of K&C, located so close to Westminster (the mother of Parliaments and democracy) need a movement like the Hornet to point out the wrongs of inviting disgraced ex Cllr Phelps to official (tax paid) functions at the Town Hall and recruiting gay porn actors to be Councillors.

  13. t is true that when 21 I became the youngest ever county councillor, winning a supposedly
    safe Labour seat. Later,I created a number of consulting companies, one of which is now significant in global terms. Had I been a 'chicken' I might not have done these things!
    A couple of years ago I had a conversation with Quentin Marshall at the Town Hall. I suggested that were I to stand against him I would beat him. He, being sensible and rational agreed that might well be the case.
    So why would I not wish to join a council under the leadership of a man I hold in utter contempt?
    I can achieve far more outside using whatever skills and resources I have to alert residents to the abuses of power taking place in their name: it does seem to be working: many of those abuses have ceased and even senior councillors are puzzling why Cockell won't step aside. The answer might have something to do with the vast sums he collects in allowances, which would not be available in the private sector!
    The other part of the comment was that I 'fund' the Hornet's Nest.....blogs don't need funding: they cost nothing to set up and run. I did not set up the blog and I do not fund it-though if funding were required to expand resident awareness I and many others doubtless would.
    The Dame is doing an amazing job. Her success is writ large in the number of unique visitors-nearly 100,000.
    To suggest I become a councillor is as facile and fatuous and suggesting Simon Heffer would have more influence by becoming an MP....much better to be outside looking in.
    I don't know who you are Anonymous and I don't suppose you wish to make a further fool of yourself by identifying yourself, but you might be wise to reflect upon the folly of your words!
    Justin Downes

  14. Its called "inclusiveness" 8.21.

    Many of us find the methods of the Dame to be somewhat crude and insensitive. But my goodness, we need her!

  15. It is pointless to try and make Mr Downes a figure of hate 00.50. This is a tactic often used by Cllr Cockell (Cllr Freeman is a case in point). But it wont work on the internet.

    Contributions to the Hornet are made by a wide range of residents. When a blog goes out it is given pre circulation to a group of contributors (primers) who get the thread going and then it goes viral. Some blogs are good. Some not so good. But the proof of the pudding is in the eating. The readership is growing.

  16. The Dame has had an extraordinary impact in her short life. Cllr Cockell no longer uses the Mayors Bentley for personal use. Nor does he entertain friends to expensive dinners in New York and charge it up. Jollies to America are a thing of the past.

    Vanity projects like Exhibition Road are exposed (£30 million of tax payers money to import pink granite from China) and residents have the opportunity for the first time to consider if this is the best way to spend their hard earned money.

    The Dame alerts the people to the fact that Cockell continues to entertain his mate, disgraced ex Cllr Phelps, to official functions in the Town Hall. And campaigns against efforts to elect gay porn actors as Ward Councillors.

    The Dame has had a fundamental impact on the climate of opinion in the Council chamber. Councillors increasingly think about the Hornet before they act and there is a new optimism in Lab our Councillors - we are starting to see the rebirth of an opposition.

    The Hornet is read by local and national press who pick up leads and run stories.

    The big step that needs to be achieved is for Cllr Cockell to be moved on

  17. Cunningham ran the Labour Group down to 8 councillors from 15, including losing a by-election in his own ward to the Lib Dems. The new-ish Labour leadership are working hard to grow their Group into an effective force to challenge the wasteful policies of the Conservative group in the interests of all the residents of the borough - and to address corruption. Look how they dealt with O'Neill when he was exposed by the Dame.

  18. Anonymous 9.59 said..

    “When a blog goes out it is given pre circulation to a group of contributors (primers) who get the thread going and then it goes viral.”

    Is this really how it works?

    The problem I have with this is that the so-called ‘primers’ on this thread have primed it with racist comments, by making facile assumptions that Abbas Barkhorder and Ali Dizaei must be mates (why?….….because they have the same skin-colour?) and by propagating crude racial stereotypes, on this occasion in relation to Iranians in particular, and by extension anyone else who might be seen as less than lilly-white in appearance.

    This is not the first time I have found myself confronting this same clique. I also find it disturbing that only one other poster on the entire thread chose to confront this, and he was quickly rebuffed. Do the regular posters on this blog really accept ‘Freedom of Speeck’ as a valid justification for this kind of racist discourse?

    My own view is that racist remarks and/or stereotyping should be expunged wherever they appear and those who post them, especially repeat offenders, should be banned.

    Having hitherto been a fan of the Hornet, I would hate to think that these are actually the Hornets pals who bandy these racist comments about, and that they do so with the Hornets approval, tacit or otherwise.

    Having been asleep for the last 24 hours or so the moderators finally intervened tonight, but only to remove the one commentary that dared to confront the incipient racism of the earlier posts, presumably because the One dared to use the F-word in anger.

    Clearly use of the F-word is viewed as a worse offence than the racist propaganda that preceded it.

    I am disgusted.

    Citizen Smith

  19. Citizen Smith
    If you read it carefully you will see that it was an attack on Ali Dizael because he attempted to use his race to take over the Black Police Officers Association. In fact, the BPOA are really to blame for not seeing what he was doing.
    The idea that Dizael could claim to be black was about mad as it gets!
    I have quite a few Persian friends and their skin colour is indiscernible from most Brits. Stop huffing and puffing about a side issue. There was no racism intended from where I saw it

  20. 21:48 is correct. Racism should be challenged in all forums and certainly should not be entertained by the Hornet .
    The comment
    " Now I have never met a balck Iranian yet, but like all Iranians they know how to clamber aboard any bandwagon." is clearly racist as it links a negative stereotype to a specific ethic culture.
    Please, Hornet, cease appearing to condone racism and remove the comment referred to above forthwith.

  21. The Dame needs to remind everybody that they are responsible for their comments so please avoid anything that could be interpreted as racist or sexist.
    On the same theme there is absolutely no need to use bad language.

  22. Apologies for earlier use of explicit language.. but please Hornet deal with racist comments with robustness.
    The fact that the earlier explicit racist post remained on the site (despite complaints) for 24 hours is very disappointing.

  23. Sorry Hornet,

    Not good enough.

    If you don't take a stronger stand against these xenophobes they will poison your blog and destroy any good that might otherwise come of it.

    And if you WON'T the I for one will have to assume that you are indeed complicit.

    Citizen Smith

  24. Citizen Smith

    I take strong exception to your claim that this blog is either racist or xenophobic. From memory, this is the only instance of a problem of this sort. If you can provide examples of other racist/xenophobic comments I will be happy to deal with them. Running this blog is totally time consuming and it is not as always possible to excise comments with speed. With any blog there will be those contributing with bad intentions. In happens on national papers just as it does on little local blog like ours. So please don't infer that the Dame is racist: it is blatantly untrue and unfair.

  25. 21:37
    Are you a pathetic racist too?
    Ali Desael did not attempt to use his race to take over the Black Police Officers Association.
    Here is the BPOA definition of "black" taken from their website

    Definition of Black

    "The term black does not relate to skin colour but is used to describe all people of African, African Caribbean or Asian origin".

    Therefore, as an Asian police officer he was perfectly entitled to seek election.
    Shame on your ignorance.

  26. Anonymous has left a new comment on "The Dame Consulted About Abbas Barkhordar-Brompton...":

    I think other web site proprietors should take this site as an model, very clean and great user friendly style and design, as well as the content. You're an expert at this stuff!
    Posted by Anonymous to FTHN: From the Hornets Nest at 27 May 2012 22:31

  27. 22:41
    Oh do shut up....
    Dizael is a nastly bullying crook and was known and thoroughly disliked by urbane Iranians. he gave them a bad reputation and they disliked them for it. So you are telling me we all have to stick to the Associations definition of black? We really must be in a mad world if we are now saying that the Chinese are considered black!

  28. In response to Hornet 22.37

    The previous racist incident was on 29th March. An item you posted about a couple of benefit cheats and scam artists living in a £2m penthouse was hijacked and turned into racist polemic by some of the same suspects who were at it again in similar fashion tonight.

    On that occasion the racist invective was so crude and blatant that you found it necessary to pull the entire thread.

    By the way, I don’t expect you to like being challenged by me to confront these bigots who are using your blog to spread their poisonous views, but I would be obliged if you would at least do me the courtesy of not misrepresenting what I actually said.

    I said that if you won’t take a harder line against these people I would have to assume your complicity with the views they are expressing. Again that was meant as a challenge to you and not as an accusation, although I am inclined to think that you are worthy of condemnation by virtue of your decision to censor the post with the F-word rather than the racist slurs the F-word person was confronting.

    Citizen Smith

  29. Citizen Smith
    Why not find a site that is not overflowing with filled with xenophobic and racist comment:I am sure you will be happier...or better still start your own blog

  30. See, there you go again Hornet.

    “Why not find a site that is not overflowing with xenophobic and racist comment:”

    I never said that.

    I did say, or tried to say, that you’ve got a problem with some of your regulars, who do hold these ugly racist views, which they will pander and propagate at the drop of a hat. Do you deny that that’s a problem?

    I did say that I’ve been a fan of yours for a while, but you know that because I‘ve fed you material in the past, particularly about the Council’s ill conceived plans to build their new academy right in the heart of my community (a stake in our heart). You seem to have lost interest in that particular cause lately.

    I did say, or rather imply, that I’m starting to wonder if you’re really all you’re cracked up to be, the peoples champion, strong enough and brave enough, and pure enough at heart, to fight the good fight against the dragon Pooter and his goblin hordes.

    Just a few harsh words from me and you’ve gone into such a sulk I fear that you might ban me from the site (secretly of course so your reputation can remain intact)

    I hope you’re not just as phony as those you criticize.

    I sincerely hope not.

    Citizen Smith

  31. Look Citizen Smith
    I really do think that if you believe you can be more effective in trying to bring abut democracy in the Borough then you should start your own blog: I am certain the Dame would give you every support and publicity....the more the better.
    Your inference that the site could ban you is just childish. No one has ever been banned. A lot of hard work goes into this blog and it should be encouraged, not denigrated. There is no point in continuing this dialogue. As I said make your own contribution. Thanks

  32. Dear Dame, Citizen Smith is trolling you. You are being deliberately wound up, and in the meantime the subject of the blog - YOUR blog - is being sidelined.

    It's an old trick (Up Yours is a master of the game but seems to have disappeared thank heavens) and I'm sure a dear old thing like you will spot it once you take a step back.

    Don't let the b*****ds get you down.

  33. Oh dear.

    This is getting even more tedious than the ConservativeHome blog

  34. The beauty of the internet and blogs is that anyone is free to make a comment and subject their views to scrutiny.

    Serious allegations of corruption, drift, stupidity and incompetence are being made about the Leader and Cabinet of K&C and it is instructive that not one of them has felt able to put their point of view or rebuff the accusations

  35. No one named is prepared to ask questions so why should they?

  36. Whast is this chaps view on the Iranian cultural centre?

  37. is he single? He's gorgeous

  38. I think you are too late....Cllr Moylan has his eye on the boy

  39. He is a bit too old for young boy loving Phelps


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