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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Ludo Scalps Cllr Dezzie O'Neill!

The Dame was relaxing with a rejuvenating gin and vermouth when roused from her reveries by Phelps, her faithful old servant with issues around emails and young boys......

The Dame's butler, Phelps, on hols in California
" Dame, so sorry to disturb you, but your appalling boy, young Ludo, is here to see you." 
 What could her annoying nephew want barging in on the Dame during her 'me time'.......
From the smug look on his asinine features the Dame could see Ludo had important news....
It seems Cllr Dez' O'Neill has been removed from committees where he could have a conflict of interest due to his chairmanship of public art business Urban Eye, which gets nearly all its business from the Council.
To ensure that Cllr Dez O'Neill could never ever be accused of having a clash of interest Ludo reported that the Labour Group had forced him off Public Realm, the Rotten Borough's Environment Project and also Public Art

To force Dez to focus on more altruistic council business he has been wisely 'parked' in Family and Children's Sevices. Here he will be closely monitored by the excellent Robert Atkinson, the Labour whip, who keeps a stern eye on those who stray from the path of righteousness; particularly those like Dezzie who sway politically like the Vicar of Bray.

The Half-Witted Ludo
Ludo also reported that his new best friend Pooter Cockell had told him that Cllr Emma Dent Coad was to be made chair of the Cabinet and Corporate Services Scrutiny Committee, succeeding her leader, Judith Blakeman. ' a very interesting appointment' said Ludo sagely.....


  1. Cllr Foreman and Cllr Dent Coad will be a powerful force on the Scrutiny Committee. Dent Coad takes no nonsense, and is fearless. Foreman now has his feet under the table, has figured out what goes on in the Rotten borough, and between them it is hoped that they will silence the stupidities of Moylan and Palmer.

  2. Great to learn that Cllr Foreman stays on the Scrutiny Cte where he is well qualified to make a difference

  3. Bird brain (and supremely lazy) Cllr Weale has been made Chairman of TWO Scrutiny Committees

    What on earth is going on?

  4. The residents of North Kensington are greatly in The Dame's debt for her campaign to ensure O'Neil will no longer be in a position to obtain public funds for "his" public art. His behaviour has been an open scandal for years.

    Questions remain on why the Conservatives were so keen to funnel residents' funds in his direction. On past form, Cllr Atkinson will need to keep a very careful eye.

    Cllr. Dent Coad will doubtless do well in her new appointment. Quality wins out.

  5. Cllr Weale is keen to supplement her income. She is quite hopeless

  6. The great news was the appearance of ex-councillor Phelps and his partner as the guests of the new Mayor, Councillor Buckmaster. Whatever was Buckmaster thinking of?

  7. The other news was the inappropriate speech from Cockell. He totally lacks a sense of what is right at these sorts of events.

  8. "Weale needs the cash"

    So this is what it is about. Cockell saw his opportunity for SRA's. I wonder what he extracted in return?

  9. Labour lets itself down badly by allowing a person like O'Neill to continue as a Councillor of K&C.

    To their credit they got rid of the useless Cunningham. Now its time to get rid of the two faced O'Neill.

  10. Councillor Williams as a vice chairman of planning?? Another useless councillor. Why has he left Campden Charities?

  11. So 'Dodgy Dez' has been discovered and sidelined at last.

    Not a moment too soon.

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    1. And now Dez has lost the Labour whip and is an Independent - anyone know anything more?

    2. He's a liar and cheat"

    3. So much more,that can be proved,big scandal watch this space,independent councillor, with career that's about to hit the fan!!!!!


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