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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Borwick-A local girl for GLA Deputy Mayor

Who will Boris select as a deputy mayor?

The question is on everybody's lips so the Dame thought she would add an idea of her own into the melting pot.

People enter politics for a multiplicity of  reasons-some laudable....others nefarious, self interested and self serving.
In our local political scene we have seen examples of both..... but we won't go into that now......
A name that keeps cropping up is Victoria Borwick.....
A Force For Good

People speak highly of Borwick: not only has she long experience in local politics, but is highly regarded and liked. Even her political opponents describe her as, "hardworking and intelligent"

And residents see her as someone to turn to in times of trouble. They say," Cllr Borwick will always go 'the extra mile'"

The only surprise is that her talents and contribution have never been fully utilised: no great surprise:honesty, intelligence and independence of thought are not qualities highly rated at K&C.

But Boris Johnson is rather different. He needs to have talent around if he is going to deliver on all his manifesto promises. Choosing Victoria Borwick as a deputy mayor will be seen as a smart  and popular move.


  1. Am intriguing idea....
    Doubtless there will be some who will try to undermine this excellent initiative.

  2. if Borwick gets this position it will be good for K&C

  3. if Borwick gets this position it will be good for K&C

  4. The cream always rises to the top. Cant keep this lady down

  5. Kensington Resident5 May 2012 at 21:14

    Cllr Borwick is one of those hard working public servants with an intense interest in all people and a desire to help those in need

    These are the basic qualities that representatives should have and residents desperately need. Too few like her about

  6. Lord Kensington5 May 2012 at 21:15

    Here, here! 20,14

    Quite a gal

  7. Why does the dreadful "Inspector" Palmer keep briefing against a person who is obviously at the top of her game as a representative of residents?

    Could it be that he is trying to please his master?

  8. Abingdon Resident5 May 2012 at 21:22

    Abingdon Ward is well served by its three Ward councillors, Borwick, Gardner and Husband

    All are comfortable with themselves and take a keen interest in their residents. Going out of their way to find out what is worrying people and doing their best to help.

  9. Fly On The Wall5 May 2012 at 21:35

    We should be proud that "one of ours" has a place at the table and a chance to take high responsibility.

    The correct response from all in K&C is "a fair wind and good sailing" to a person with not a bad bone in her body.

    Lets hope that the forces of envy and bitchiness manage to sit on their hands and hold their tongues.

    For once, lets all celebrate success and wish her well

  10. Pooter will have a sleepless night or two. The goodness of this woman troubles him greatly

  11. What a fantastic idea dear Dame!

    She is a dedicated Councillor who is loyal, fair, honest intelligent and hardworking.

    Boris would be completely mad to ignore her.

    Viva Victoria!

  12. Well done Dame. I have thought for many years that she would be the perfect choice as leader of K&C. Pooter does too which is why he has always kept her down.

  13. Cllr Borwick has established an enviable reputation as a member of the GLA. Mayor Watch described her after the elections as 'the widely admired Victoria Borwick'. Another excellent suggestion from the Dame.

  14. Like other able, female, Conservative councillors, Cllr Borwick is excluded from RBKC's arrogant, male, ruling elite. Boris would do K & C residents a great service by elevating her into London's ruling elite.

  15. At the moment she's probably stunned that she got in. From the size of Coleman's defeat he was obviously dead in the water. Barnes lost because of HS2 and other Government woes but because he lost by 3000-Victoria was re-elected.

    I think she will be one of Boris's Deputies but the Statutory Deputy role is more likely to go to Malthouse but the front runner is probably the Assembly Tory Group leader James Cleverly.

  16. I hear the officers love dealing with her-unlike the likes of Moylan, who shouts and bullies

  17. I too hear that the officers like working with her. Unlike the ghastly Cockell she is hard working and always appreciative.

  18. 14.20 is obviously an insider with domain knowledge. Good.

    The strength of Labour and others means that Boris will have his work cut out to carry the Assembly. Malthouse is a bruiser and Cleverly has skills at keeping the Tory group under control (not an easy task).

    Boris would do well to think about a "smoother" to help handle the official opposition. A woman and a Borwick could be an inspired choice

  19. The dreadful Cllr Palmer continues to brief against Cllr Borwick. It is more His Masters Voice and less of a personal vendetta. But why is it not possible for them to cheer the success of a family member and urge them on?

    Neither person understands the wheel of fortune and neither understands "quality". Sad people find it impossible to celebrate.

  20. HS2 may have been a problem for Cllr Coleman, 1420. But it was a problem for many other Councillors too.

    His stonking rejection has more to do with the man than anything else. He broke all records for an adverse swing.

    The electorate may be apathetic but when they experience something truly horrible they squash it.

    Long live democracy

  21. Palmer has a huge personal hate of Borwick. She represents everything that he has failed to achieve in his miserable life.

    Such unprofessional behavior. And so unnecessary

  22. 14.58. 14.20 said Barnes lost because of HS2..You only have to go to the area around Ruislip to see hundreds of HS2 posters in houses up there

    The point about Barnes was made because if he had won then Victoria would have not been elected.

    Coleman's loss was astonishing just as Livingstone's treatment by the voters in the same constituency

  23. Abingdon resident as well7 May 2012 at 18:29

    I see FTHN has insect killer advertised at the top ~ I think VB could make good use of this in Hornton Street ~ we are lucky in Abingdon to have a normal Cllr ~ unlike the peculiar cast line up in the rest of RBKC ~


    What an opportunity for a Consult the People campaign!

    Cell 07799647160

  25. 5 of the 7 Deputy Mayoral roles announced. Greenhalgh moves into the Policing role. Malthouse gets the Finance role.

    Nothing as yet for either Cleverly or Borwick but one of them must surely get the main Deputy role...

  26. Frobisher would like to associate himself in the affirmative with the Dame's recommendation.

  27. Rumours abound the Dame's advice might be taken....let's pray that she gets a rewarding job

  28. Everyone follows the Dame's lead.

  29. Cleverley is evil, ruthless hates women - good luck to VB


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