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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Brompton Question

One of the Dame's many admirers has left a comment enquiring whether the Dame will present herself as a candidate in Brompton Ward at the upcoming by election, which Mr Myers will be announcing the date of next week.
Sadly, the answer is a negative: she has too much to do.

Young Cllr Quentin Marshall also bought up the idea. His rationale was that the late Baroness Ritchie had the ear of Pooter Cockell, so it was easy to get things done. It seems that he and young Mosley are just not on lunching terms with Pooter so don't have the necessary 'kick'.

The Dame Is Not For Brompton
Quent knows the Dame's influence extend to the upper echelons of City Hall and Hornton Street and it was that which drove him to beg the Dame to 'go political' and stand.

But all is not lost.... The Dame has decided that the Chairman of Royal Hospital Ward, Mr 'Max' Hadinnapola should stand.

So Quent.....relax: it's sorted!


  1. Dame don't be churlish - please don't leave us with the odd fish we have - time for a spring clean?

  2. Pooter has his acolyte ready and waiting and he will be shoe horned next week. Brompton Ward has no part in this - the Ward Chairman and Committee were by passed many years ago.

    Just like all the other Ward Chairman.

    Tory organization in K&C stinks

  3. Here we go again.

    Trolly dollies, Independents, neighbours of Pooter. All emerging again from the woodwork.

    Tribal seem to have given this one a pass. I wonder why?

  4. It is rumored that Tribal head hunters declined to advise Pooter (again) on candidates for council candidates after the Dame had a quiet word with them about undemocratic interference in the affairs of K&C

  5. 19.13 makes an interesting observation. Even a part time porn actor was proposed as Conservative candidate for the last Ward election

    "The House That Cockell Built"

  6. Well I can't imagine there are any more Cllr Faulks hiding away, and they need a totally 100% squeaky clean no messing WOMAN here.

    Cockell will never pull it off twice. Some potential candidates feel it is not a good time to join a Council so tainted by scandal and whiffs of corruption, so the cupboard is bare.

  7. Where is K & C Conservatives' active support base? It seems that at every local by election, Tory councillors are forced out on to the streets to deliver leaflets etc. Age and seniority make little difference, due to the severe lack of volunteers. When will K & C residents finally realize that the local Conservatives are little more than the empty husk of a theoretically powerful political party?

  8. 19.22 Councillors in all Boroughs are expected to campaign, canvass and deliver.

    The local Conservatives are far stronger and larger than virtually all associations in the country. There are some MPs elected in 2010 with total association membership less than 100.

    The whole Parliamentary party was expected to campaign in the last London by-election in Feltham and Heston and quite frankly if one of my local Councillors either isnt up to campaigning hard locally or cant be bothered to-then it's time to go....

  9. 19.22 Elections have become a younger persons game in the last 10 years.

    Campaigns that last double the length of ones in the 80s and 90s. Far more deliveries than in the past. Far more standing handing leaflets at Tube Stations at 7am. Everything obviously more computerized. It wont be long before Tellers use a PC or a text to return voting data from Polling Stations.

    Kensington and Chelsea-especially Chelsea is an aging population-Councillors are expected to pull their weight in elections-just as they are in every other London Borough

  10. No doubt Kensington & Chelsea Conservative Association has many members and a great deal of money. However, there are insufficient younger members to go out on the streets during elections. K & C's ageing population is due to young people's inability to afford homes in the Borough. This reflects Council policy.

    K & C Conservative councillors are also ageing. Unless forced to resign under a dark cloud, they tend to have to be carried out.

    Several recently elected, younger Conservative councillors are quietly appalled at the situation inside the Town Hall. Their first duty is to residents. For the benefit of voters, they should voice their concerns in public.

  11. Fly On The Wall11 May 2012 at 16:24

    Encouraging to hear that the young ones may be up in arms. Would be nice to see some action. Nothing has come to my attention


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