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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Olympia Games

The Dame was over at Olympia with Ludo for the Count. She espied Cockell Pootling about looking friendless and lost-apart from Silly Cilla Fraser.
Ludo was stunned to see Pooter unaccompanied by any of his Cabinet colleagues.
Ludo thought he saw the 200 MPH 20,000 HP Bentley, RBKC 1 in the VIP car park....

The way things are going it seems likely that the elusive peerage might remain elusive......

It would be wrong for Boris to be boastful and triumphalist over his narrow victory: it is a very poor result for Ken was a weak adversary. With all the local and national media boosting Boris he should have achieved a stunning majority. The fact he did not underlines the reservations people have over his judgment and choice of colleagues. A test of whether Johnson has developed his judgmental qualities is whether he decides to bring back the odious Coleman.The mayor can handpick two appointees to LFEPA and a City Hall source said "everything is still up for grabs" with a raft of appointments to be made in the coming days. If Johnson flaunts public opinion by appointing Coleman we will know nothing has changed. The worry is that this could be on the cards: Coleman has been remarkably tightlipped about his kicking. Could he have been told by the mayor to be keep his head down?

Here are some local results...

West Central
Malthouse (Conservative) - 86,651 votes
Qureshi (Labour) - 35,270
Majority 51,381
Malthouse (Con) - 73,761 votes
Foreman (Lab) - 44,630
Majority 29,131
Kit Malthouse polled nearly 13,000 votes fewer than last time, and his majority dropped by 22,250 votes.


  1. Congratulations for finally getting the venue of the West Central count right

    2 hours ago you claimed that our count was at Ally Pally. So you were neither at the count or knew its location

  2. Who actually cares where the count was? The fact is that people are sick of the attitude of central goverment .." whats yours is mine and whats mine is my own!"

    The ordinary man in the street have hardly voted with apparently a turnout of 37%, thats no majority for any of them!

    It demonstrates that the ordinary man does not trust politicians, are disengaged, are made to feel powerless, and haven't the time to put a piece of paper in a box that they feel is meaningless anyway. They are too busy trying to keep the wolves from their doors and put food on their children's plates. 'We are all in this together' like hell we are.

    It would suit Cameron et al better to get off their out of touch floating platforms and remember their time will come too, but of course they are all millionaires and being out of work is not the same!

  3. The dear old Dame gets a bit confused. Ally Pally sounds just like Olly Polly, especially with the cut glass uppercrust accent her chauffeur has affected to hide his lowly background.

    What? Oh it wasn't a chauffeur, it was Moylan who dropped her outside, on his way to the psychotherapist he is now seeing to help with his 'issues'.

  4. Pooter....come on. You always call me when you want to correct the poor old Dame. Still, I am delighted you have decided to join in the dialogue.You have to forgive ninety six and a half I do tend to get a trifle confused, but espy you I did-even if you chose to ignore me

  5. Cllr Foreman is clearly a person to watch. A Labour Councillor who has made an early impression in K&C with his grasp of business and economics.

    This is an unusual capability in the Borough where the Leader is a failed businessman and the Cabinet excels in approving vanity projects that have no economic justification.


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