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Friday, 11 May 2012


The awful Coleman has been kicked off Barnet's cabinet......
The move could signal a change in Barnet’s controversial parking policy
Vanquished Conservative Assembly member Brian Coleman was last night ousted as Barnet Council’s environment chief.
Coleman was one of the highest profile political scalps claimed in the GLA elections last week, a defeat largely blamed on the controversial parking reforms he steered through on Barnet Council and the general dislike of the man.
Golders Green councillor Dean Cohen was given the environment portfolio while Clr Coleman was appointed chairman of the budget and performance overview and scrutiny committee.
Cllr Cohen is a critic of the controversial parking reforms, which saw all pay and display metres scrapped and replaced by a new pay by phone system, and significant increases in prices, and his appointment is likely to signal a departure on the policy.
A Conservative source told the Dame “The council has to be a listening council. We have heard the message and I would be surprised if there wasn’t some announcements concerning parking. We thank the Dame for keeping the pressure on Coleman."
The stripping of his posts has left Cllr Coleman, who once earned £120,000 a year, with a shrunken pay packet of £14,000.
Cllr Coleman was unavailable for comment and was in a tearful state wondering how he could make a few bob or two


  1. Why do people dislike this person so immensely?

  2. May have something to do with the fact that he is a greedy,rude, boorish bully who is rude to residents and is thoroughly unpleasant.

  3. Glad to see democracy in action. What a pity that democracy is dead in K&C

  4. Good bye to bad rubbish.

    I expect there are a couple, no a few, no, dozens, no hundreds of GLA staff who woke up with a smile on their face to see the odious toad and tossbag defeated.

    Roll on the next set of council elections so he can be escorted out of the Town Hall.

    One regret, I wasnt there at the count to see this historic moment.

    Although now the toad will be milking the one system left to him I suppose...?

  5. This week I lunched with an elderly neighbour of Cllr Coleman. She was never interested in politics, but expressed her strong personal dislike of him. 16.26 echoes my friend's view.

    RBKC has a councillor who takes pleasure in being rude to residents. Let's hope that in due course K & C's electorate votes to give our councillor the opportunity to spend time with his Barnet colleague.They seem to have a lot in common.

  6. The reason Moylan feels the need to be rude to residents, staff at GLA and RBK&C ad fellow cllrs is that he has a huge hang up over his working class Birmingham background. Sad, he should be pleased that he has managed to climb the greasy pole. As it is just about everybody briefs against him

  7. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to recall any politician with whom we have grounded complaints? What an opportunity for "No Connfidence" campaigns....

    Cell: 07799647160


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