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Monday, 28 May 2012


Merrick Cockell and Derek Myers bear heavy responsibilities to the taxpayers of this Borough. They are charged with upholding the highest of standards.
On Wednesday 23 May, at the Mayor making ceremony, they put no obstacle in the way of Barry Phelps attending.
The conclusion to be drawn is both men found nothing reprehensible in what this ex councillor did. That is the message that needs ramming home......
Phelps sent out emails, on the Council server, of young boys in sexually provocative poses. They were captioned in a way designed to titillate his circle. Very soon the Dame will publish the names of that 'Circle.' 
And remember....these were images of children of no more than 9/12 years of age.
Who could be interested in such filth? Just those with paedophile tendencies. Phelps may not have 'acted out' his fantasies, but he clearly gained pleasure from such images and that is indicative of unacceptable tastes.
There is a perception amongst some councillors it was just a case of 'good old eccentric Barry.'  
Rubbish! There is nothing harmlessly eccentric about a man who sends out such filth. Phelps has a home in Ledbury. If he had circulated this stuff to Ledbury locals he would have been driven out of town!
The Dame got  a well deserved ticking off from a few residents for not 'telling it like it is'. So here goes....
The pictures below have been taken by a paedophile.
At a time when a councillor has been successfully prosecuted for possession of the most extreme child pornography it is incredible Cockell and Myers allowed Phelps to attend. The message was clear..... ex cllr Phelps was an honoured guest.
The Leader and the Chief Executive should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves for allowing this man into the Town Hall. Councillors too, should be up in arms-but, of course, like scared sheep.... they do nothing.
It is a disgrace to all right thinking people.......


  1. Far more serious is the link the Hornet has to a Paedophiles web site that still has not been explained.

  2. UP YOURS aka the Ward Idiot Cllr Palmer. You have been expressly forbidden to comment by your master, Pooter Cockell. You will get yiurself into serious trouble if you ignore him.
    So what do you think of your friend Phelp's artistic efforts. Did he put you on his circulation list.BTW what happened to all those porn sites that were linked to you stupid Council training website....

  3. The Rotten Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

  4. Who were the other recipients

  5. The Dame makes a serious observation that should be taken seriously.

    If Cockell and Myers are incapable of distinguishing between what is "right" and what is "wrong" then perhaps the Conservative Association Chairman, Mathew Carrington, should step in.

    For too long the workings of the Town Hall have been an "in group" spending and partying for the same "in group". For too long, residents have been disinterested in all that has been going on and the collapse of standards and decency.

    But thanks to the Dame, this is changing

  6. It beggars belief that Phelps sent these emails on the Council computer system, and posted under the name

    Such brazen behaviour is an indication that he and his fellow Conservative Councillors felt that the world of local Govt was theirs to do with as they wished. The "anything goes" culture

    And then the Mayor, Cllr Buckmaster, sends the reptile an official invitation to a publicly funded function and this is approved by Cllr Cockell.

    What is the thinking resident supposed to conclude from this?

    It is amazing

  7. still no explaination to the link with the Hornet and a Paedophiles web site......

  8. 19:51

    Palmer, the only link is in your enfeebled and bizarre imagination. You have relentlessly flogged this dead horse for months-with nothing to show for it. So there is no link and never was-or if there is show us?
    Try to focus on the disgusting paedo emails of your friend and mentor, the disgusting Phelps....

  9. It seems that another perverted Conservative Councillor is trying to deflect attention from the subject in hand by dreaming about the Hornet and inappropriate websites.

    One thing we can say about these Councillors is that they are devious.

    Lets not get away from the fact that a serving Councillor sent out stuff on the council email system and was exposed by a horrified Earls Court resident. Phelps was kicked out and showed no remorse. Laughing off his filth as "art"

    What do the Hornet readers think?

  10. yes, devious, but like lying children, simplistic

  11. I understand that when Filth Phelps is in Ledbury he uses the Feathers to bore the locals with his grandiosity.
    I wonder what those barflys would think if they got emails with Filth's
    'artwork'. Could be a Straw Dogs scenario. Watch it Palmer or your friend could end up in the hands of some rough locals....

  12. all I asked for was an explaination, instead I get abuse, Why.

  13. because we think you are Cllr Palmer!

  14. Phelps always said that Palmer reminded him of himself when young. Know what he means.

  15. Calm down Dame. Cllr Palmer is an idiot. But a harmless idiot.

    Billy Bunter look alike

  16. Owl. You have no idea................

  17. he is mad, bad and dangerous to know...

  18. It is not only the Conservative Councillors who need to be shamed over the Phelps scandal. What about the women Councillors of K&C, across all Parties? Many of them have young children of their own. Every single one of them attends Mayor Making and rubs shoulders with the odious Phelps. Time and time again they see the wretch being invited to Official Functions at the Town Hall courtesy of the gay mafia.

    Cllr Blakeman, Cllr Borwick, Cllr Baxter, Cllr Caruana, Cllr B Campbell, Cllr E Campbell, Cllr Dent Coad, Cllr Collinson, Cllr Faulks, Cllr Gardner, Cllr Hoier, Cllr Mills, Cllr Rossi, Cllr Rutherford, Cllr Taylor, Cllr Wade, Cllr Weale, Cllr Weatherhead, and Cllr Will.....

    Its time for you all to tell Cllr Cockell that "Enough is enough".

  19. The new Mayor, Cllr Buckmaster, should also hang his head in shame. By inviting his close friend, disgraced Cllr Phelps to his Mayor Making, he brings the high office of Mayor into disrepute.

    When residents make a fuss, as they are doing now, Buckmaster grandly dismisses the protest with his customary aside, "The dogs are barking".

    It is a powerful insight into the depth of decay that has arisen in K&C under the Cockell leadership

  20. Retired Chief Executive29 May 2012 at 06:50

    You judge a Leader by what he or she is prepared to tolerate

  21. Not In My Name29 May 2012 at 07:29

    Several women Councillors refuse to attend events where the repellent Phelps is present; it is a silent protest, but a protest nonetheless.

    We must always remember that the so-called 'innocent' photos are nothing of the kind. They have been deliberately posed. Just look at them! Get real! Blatantly erotic.

    Let us also remember that a paedophile is someone who is sexually aroused by children. Whether or not they follow through is immaterial. If Phelps finds these images arousing - and it appears he does - then Phelps is a paedophile.

    So why is the Council entertaining a paedophile?

  22. Person Familiar With The Situation29 May 2012 at 09:38

    Cllr Buckmaster has let it be known that he "will not be bullied" by muppets. He is loyal to his friends

  23. So Phelps who likes pictures of very young boys is a good friend of teh committed singleton, Buffy Buckmaster.
    Don't assume that Buffy also shares Filh's tastes. Is not Buffy also a friend of Boys Moylan?

  24. Kensington Resident29 May 2012 at 11:48

    Quite so. The Mayor Buckmaster transcends democracy. And like his Master, Cllr Cockell, is slighly confused about the difference between public money and private money.

    If he wants to do his friendships then he should do them in consenting private. And if they both feel the need to entertain friends at expensive restaurants then they must remember to pay with their personal credit cards.

    It is astounding that Cllr Cockell had to be reminded of this. And even worse that correct behaviour had to be enforced by the force of public opinion. People in public positions should not use their Government credit cards to entertain friends and colleagues at $400 restaurants in New York. Or anywhere else.

  25. What these people have to remember is that they exist in order to serve residents. That is what public office is about. It is not a vehicle fro troughing and personal indulgence

  26. Another One Who Knows29 May 2012 at 12:46

    A number of the female councillors mentioned here did not attend the reception with Phelps but either went elsewhere until he had gone or went straight home.

  27. It is incomprehensible that Phelps was invited back into the town hall in the first place.

    When someone is connected to the abuse of vulnerable children, and that includes passing on disgusting images, they should have all monies ie pensions, privileges, crests in Mayors Parlours etc removed from them as a statement of what the majority of people in our society will not stand for. This is what happens in the 'outside world'.

    These images were clearly taken by some evil person who had access to vulnerable children, the Council and its Leader then turn a blind eye to this! What if these children were their children?

    I would suggest they read the Councils Child Protection policies, procedures and maybe even attend a few courses about what happens to children and vulnerable adults when left as bait for evil.

    They should resign now.

  28. Buckmaster thinks it was all in order as Phelps was never charged.

  29. Dear resident.

    I write in the singular because I am writing to each and every one of you.

    If we want to rid ourselves of the sort of leadership that condones the uncondonable, you need to commit to take action, and sign up to participate in a "No Confidence" campaign

    Thank you



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