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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Do They Know Something We Don't? Moylan Rejected by GLA

Yesterday at the GLA something extraordinary happened.
Daniel Moylan, salivating at the prospect of his new £130k a year part time job chairing the London Legacy Development Corporation, was rejected by the Labour and Green members.
This all took place yesterday at the confirmation process meeting
Labour and Greens Don't Like The Look Of DannyBoy...Who Can Blame Them!

This is a rare and most unusual occurrence: it shows the shape of things to come with Labour/Greens ganging up to prevent Boris handing out huge allowances to unqualified councillors.
Doubtless Moylan won't be too worried his taxpayer funded, near £3,000 a week, is under threat: Boris can steamroller the appointment through.

However, the same cannot be said of Stephen Greenhalgh, ex leader on Hammersmith & Fulham and Boris's putative choice as Deputy Mayor Policing. Should a Labour/Green alliance vote against the appointment it will be dead in the water. We shall have to wait and see.......


  1. Signs of life in City Hall.

    Even Danny must get the message that he needs to start treating people around him like human beings

  2. Supporter of Moylan24 May 2012 at 18:09

    A temporary glitch

  3. Supporter of Moylan

    You must be one of Danny Boy's little African friends who we all need to know much more about. Maybe Labour Group know about South Africa. Come on Moylan sue-if you dare!

  4. What happened in South Africa? Is there proof? Would anyone come forward?

    It may well be true but if no one will come forward with proof it's no better than a rumour, and you can do nothing about that.

  5. There are other stories.....


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