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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Borwick To Become Boris's Deputy-The Dame's Advice Taken

Top Job For Borwick

One of our finest K&C councillors, Cllr Victoria Borwick, has been paid a special honour by Mayor Johnson.
This morning the Mayor's Office confirmed the Dame's brilliant suggestion that Cllr Borwick be made statutory deputy mayor.

There will be much rejoicing in K&C. Victoria Borwick is held in the highest esteem by both residents and fellow councillors:admired-not just because she is a thoroughly good person, but because she works hard for those she represents.

From the Standard

"As Boris Johnson’s official deputy, the only Tory woman Assembly member would take over if he was run over by a bus. The mother-of-four was an events manager for P&O and a Tory party fundraiser before joining the Assembly four years ago. She is a councillor at Kensington and Chelsea, where she had the communities brief"


  1. Well done Borwick. Well done Dame.

  2. Great news and so well deserved.
    Cllr Borwick is a beacon of light in a dark world of greedy councillors.
    Next stop leadership of K&C?

  3. Cllr Judith Blakeman9 May 2012 at 13:39

    This is an excellent choice and I would like to congratulate Victoria on behalf of the Kensington and Chelsea Labour Group.

  4. Cllr E Dent Coad9 May 2012 at 13:48

    Hear, hear, Victoria is a woman of huge integrity, experience, knowledge and talent.

    That's one thing Mayor Johnson has got right.

  5. We had no idea that the Dame also had Boris' ear.

    She really is a most impressive dear lady!Quite formidable.

  6. Interesting to see such gracious and elegant congratulations coming from the Labour Group, yet not a word from the Majority Group: it speaks volumes

  7. So, the former deputy chair of TfL will now be in charge of 'delivering legacy'.

    What a semiotic nightmare.

    And whatever does it mean, apart from possibly being a custard pie?

  8. Emma D C is nearly right in saying,
    "That's one thing Mayor Johnson has got right."

    How about kicking Moylan off the dep ch of TfL? That was a good move

  9. Will be interesting to see who either elects to stand down as a Councillor and who has to give up.

  10. Great News sense prevails!!

  11. Very gracious comments from the Labour Group. And yes the Dame is widely consulted in City Hall. Perhaps she will stand in the Brompton election.

    Well done Councillor Borwick.

  12. An honour for K&C

  13. Victoria will be a dose of common sense and sanity for City Hall. A safe pair of hands when Boris has his bad turns.

    And the visibility and experience will help her build her credentials to have a shot at the K&C Leadership if this EVER becomes vacant.

    Fragrant Fraser-Howells (he of Gucci cloth) announced today that the dreadful Cllr Cockell has suppressed opposition and elected himself Leader for another five? years. Lord help the Borough

  14. Messrs Ahern, Coleridge and Lightfoot should hang their heads in shame. All of them too intimidated by the dictator to put their names forward. Now they are dust.

    Time to focus on the next level of pretenders (Read, Gardiner, Fielding-Mellen) and hope that they find the balls to refresh a rotten Borough

  15. Fly On The Wall9 May 2012 at 18:57

    It was impossible for Pooter to step down. He is waiting for the official opening of Holland Park School so that he can rub shoulders with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

    He has the "official" opposition in K&C by the short and curlies. SRA is a powerful weapon

  16. This is a well deserved recognition for Cllr Borwick who is a hard working, selfless and effective councillor.

  17. Person Familiar With The Situation9 May 2012 at 18:59

    Cllr Palmer has taken to his bed

  18. Kensington Resident9 May 2012 at 19:02

    It is interesting in life when one sees that it takes the outsiders to recognise quality.

    The insiders get overtaken by jealousy and envy when they are swimming in a rotten pool

    Tory Councillors in Hornton Street need to reflect

  19. Abingdon Ward9 May 2012 at 19:03

    Congratulations, Victoria!!

    Our best wishes to you and Jamie

  20. 18.51 please sharpen your pencil. Frazer-Howells is the person from FAKE Gucci

    Lets keep some perspective

  21. 19.05, surely you mean "mincing" Gucci?

  22. Victoria takes over if Boris falls under a bus.

    Lets remember that the Mayor rides bikes everywhere in London - not the safest and most sensible thing to do

  23. 18:54
    You have got to be joking. Fielding Mellen is not fit to lead anything and certainly not K and C Council! You could detail his experience of local Gov, business and life on the back of a postage stamp.
    Only qualification he possesses is a sense of self entitlement to rule over others he considers inferior. He is a nob who despises poor people.

  24. Pooter has moved with great skill to secure another term of office as Leader of K&C.

    The Mayoral Election was held on 3rd May and by "coincidence" potential stalking horse Cllr Borwick was given a big London job by Boris. The end of that challenge.

    By "coincidence" potential challenger Cllr Moylan was given an additional job and more money by Boris. The end of that challenge.

    Pooter then had the "invisible word" with Cllrs Ahern, Coleridge and Lightfoot. The end of them.

    On the 9th May, Pooter emerged unchallenged for another year as No 1 K&C trougher.

  25. I am a fellow Conservative councillor and wish to join with others in congratulating Victoria. I find that it is better to remain anonymous as I don't wish to arouse the ire of my fellows

  26. It is shocking that Cllr Cockell has forced himself on K&C residents as Leader for another year after he took up the LGA Chairmanship.

    This greed is unprecedented. It is the custom for newly appointed LGA Chairmen to step down from their previous local Govt roles.

    He is obviously desperate for the money

  27. Person Familiar With The Situation10 May 2012 at 10:35

    Cllr Cockell is on a mission to make the Crossrail Station happen in N Kensington. Even though it has been announced in Hammersmith.

    He has told those who might be a threat to his Leadership that only he can "bring it home" and they should not rock the boat by standing against him. He says he is "wheeling and dealing"

    Lets see. And lets hope that a fool (or three) is really not born every day. Ahern, Coleridge and Lightfoot take note

  28. Cockell will use any strategem to hold on to his £130k a yaer. What a squalid little fellow he is

  29. The cowardice of both individuals within, and the Majority Party itself, not to challenge Pootin's rancid leadership is utterly pathetic.
    Anyone seeing Pootin at the Council meeting where he tried to defend his actions with regard the Lamont affair would know that he is a dead man walking.
    Pootin has brought enough bad publicity to K and C Council and how he can remain unchallenged beggars belief.
    Come on Ahern, Coleridge and Lightffoot- Is it not better to live one day as a lion than a lifetime as a sheep feeding on your master's SRA? handouts.

  30. Campden Ward Resident10 May 2012 at 14:57

    I am very disappointed by the failure of Cllr Ahern to challenge Cllr Cockell for the Leadership of K&C. He has made no secret of the fact that he is ready for the job and would like to do it. Has been saying so for years. And it gets up the nose of Cllr Coleridge who also wants the job. Badly.

    But they don't have the guts to challenge. Nancy boys

  31. You might as well have a challenge from Cllr Mosely.

    It would be more dangerous

  32. Ahern, Coleridge and Lightfoot are dead sheep


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