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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Disgraced Phelps Invited By Buckmaster and Cockell To Mayor Making!

Barry Phelps was forced to resign as a member of the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea after abusing the Council server system sending out images of very young boys with sexually suggestive captions appended to them.
For a council boasting an effective child protection programme it was an extraordinary thing for a senior councillor and ex mayor of the Borough to do.

The Dame has decided to make public on the website a selection of the filth this purportedly educated councillor thought amusing.

Sent Out By Phelps On RBKC Email System
Why after all these months has the Dame decided on this course of action?

On Wednesday, 23 May Christopher Buckmaster gave a cocktail party, followed by a private dinner. The purpose was to celebrate the start of a Mayoral year- significant because it coincided with the Queen's Jubilee and the Olympics.
One would have thought decorum, decency and dignity would have made Cllr Buckmaster reflect upon the wisdom of inviting Phelps to a function paid for by residents.
A shame then that Phelps and his partner not just attended the reception, but positioned themselves in such a way that other guests were forced to greet them! One assumes it is part of rehabilitation process initiated by his great friend Cllr Cockell.

Another Squalid Innuendo Laden Image Sent By Phelps To His 'Friends' On The RBKC Email System
Cllr Buckmaster is a man of no judgement. By inviting his great friend Phelps he brings shame on the council and himself. Though advised to withdraw the invitation he refused.
It seems we are landed with a Mayoral fool in this important year: a year which a RBKC councillor was convicted of child pornography!


  1. This shows the arrogance of the majority group. These emails are disgusting. I am surprised the Dame is not prosecuted for distributing child pornography. Shame in you, Your Worship, fir this monumental misjudgment..Phelps is an ogre obsessed by underage boys

  2. It was interesting to see Phelps. Trying to engage people in conversation, most people trying to avoid him. His former mayor's badge round his kneck. Poor old Buckmaster, just doesn't get it. Phelps was a good friend of Buckmaster and if he wants to ask him round to a private dinner, that is up to him. But the reality is that Phelps for years was an embarrassment to the Council. Rude, vile attacks on officers and other councillors, constantly up before the Standards Committee and finally using the Council's email system to send out these revolting images and others. To invite him to an official and sensitive function is in effect saying, we approve of this sort of behaviour; it is fine to send out these vile images on the Council's email. The real fault lies with Cockell. He liked and used Phelps. Cockell is always quick to express his displeasure to the Mayor if he does not like the guest list. Cockell clearly approves of Phelps and his conduct and probably encouraged Buckmaster to invite him.

  3. What on earth does a 70 year old man, gross and bearded, think that he is doing sending out images of young boys on the Council computer?

    Does he have any idea of the revulsion and upset that he causes to the objects of his desire?

  4. It is a sad reflection on the culture and values of our Council that persons like disgraced ex Cllr Phelps are invited back to publicly funded functions at the Town Hall. Attended by the Leader and Cabinet of Kensington and Chelsea.

    This is the third time that Phelps has been sent official invitations to Hornton Street functions.

    What planet do they think that they live on?

  5. Confirmed bachelor Buckmaster needs to be very careful about who he befriends and entertains on the public purse. Disgraced ex Councillors Phelps, Lamont and Daley were booted out in spectacular fashion in recent months. Daley for being on the circulation list of Phelp's vile emails.

    Before you could say Jack Robinson, Cllr Buckmaster brought young Daley back into the Conservative fold to run the candidates programme from 1A Chelsea Manner Street. Now Phelps is entertained at Hornton Street.

    Get a grip, Mayor

  6. It is all very well bashing Mayor Buckmaster but the buck stops with the Leader, Cllr Cockell. He sets the tone of the organisation in Hornton Street and vets the guest lists. Close friend Phelps ran his election campaign to be Leader. Phelps always boasted that he supported Cockell because he wanted to have tea with him in the House of Lords.

    Cockell should know better. He should resign.

  7. Lord Kensington24 May 2012 at 16:47

    This is a rum business.

    Should Derek Myers, the Chief Executive, be exerting some discipline?

    Standards of Public Life are at stake.

  8. Hornton Street has become hopelessly lost in the corrupt fiefdom of Cockell and company. If you are "in" then you are "in" and anything goes. If you are "out" then it is curtains.

    What should the poodles think when the Leader uses tax payers money to feast friends in New York? (now stopped thanks to Freedom of Information and the Dame). Easy to forget about the "spot of trouble" that Phelps got into and just bring him back.

    Well guys, its not how public life in Britain is supposed to operate....

  9. Dear Mayor
    Your loyalty to friends is admirable. And what you do in private is your business. But please exert some better judgement with your public duties, even if your instinct is to give public recognition to ex Councillor friends friends who have been disgraced


  10. Kensington Resident24 May 2012 at 16:59


    The Dame has kicked up a fuss three times now over Phelps being invited to publicly funded functions at the Town Hall.

    It has made not a scrap of difference. The rodent still gets invites.

    What value system is operating in Hornton Street?

  11. Person Familiar With The Situation24 May 2012 at 18:12

    A great deal of foot shuffling in Hornton Street today.

    Mayor Buckmaster says that the guest list for Mayor Making was vetted, altered and approved by Cllr Cockell.

    Cllr Cockell says that Phelps was the guest of Buckmaster.

    A third shuffler says that "it is customary to invite ex Mayors"

  12. Don't the clowns know the difference between "right" and "wrong"?

  13. All the Councillors of the Royal Borough and Kensington and Chelsea should be deeply ashamed of the lax behaviour in Hornton Street which every single one of them is prepared to tolerate.

    No backbone, no moral fiber, no courage in any one of them.

  14. My Mate The Builder24 May 2012 at 18:16

    SRA corruption.

    The same as Bankers' bonuses

  15. What a rats nest.

    If a nasty person like Phelps behaves in an abominable fashion then you tell him to go away and stay away.

    Simple really. No need for foot shuffling.

    Why is Chief Executive (Myers) not laying down the law?

  16. Not even Chelsea Manor Street is safe from the prying eyes of the Dame

  17. Very sad, Buckmaster will do whatever Cockell tells him. K&C deserves better.

  18. Seen at a recent Save the Children event, ex-councillor Andrew Lamont. As Phelps would have said 'You couldn't make it up'.


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